Pipework Flexible Insulation: AF/Armaflex Class O


AF/Armaflex Class O is the leading brand of flexible closed cell flexible insulation for condensation control and energy saving on building services and process pipe and duct work systems.

Built in water vapour barrier reduces risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI) Highest system reliability when installed with Armafix AF pipe supports and Armaflex adhesives Stable thermal conductivity for long term energy efficiency Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection reduces mould and bacteria growth Self-seal tubes available with tangential cut for stronger adhesion Euroclass B/BL-s3, d0 for entire range FM and UL approved Its unique microcell structure makes the product easy to install with no additional vapour barrier required. The combination of a very low thermal conductivity and extremely high resistance to water vapour transmission prevents long-term energy losses and moisture ingress and reduces the risk of corrosion under insulation. The built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection and the excellent fire performance make the product especially suitable for use in public buildings and process industries. The complete AF/Armaflex Class O family including tubes, self-adhesive tubes, air conditioning coils, sheet, pipe supports. Armaflex Protect fire sleeves and adhesives offers a complete solution for all areas of application.

The closed cell structure of the material provides an integral water vapour barrier against water vapour diffusion (µ value of ≥ 10,000) and protects against condensation and corrosion problems on refrigeration, air conditioning and chilled water pipe lines. AF/Armaflex Class O also has added Microban® antimicrobial protection built-in to prevent mould and bacteria growth and help improve indoor air quality, a key concern in public, commercial and health care buildings.

The low thermal conductivity value of 0.033 W(m • K) gives excellent energy saving performance which serves to prolong the efficiency and lifespan of process and HVAC-R equipment. AF/Armaflex Class O comes with ODP and GWP ratings of 0, FM Approval and is certified to Class 0 Part 6 & 7 and Bs3, d0 fire ratings.

Specially formulated adhesives, UV resistant paint and accessories complement the range to ensure a fully compatible thermal and acoustic insulation system installations.


MaterialsElastomeric foam based on synthetic rubber. Factory made flexible elastomeric foam (FEF) according to EN 14304. Self adhesive coating: Pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on modified acrylate basis with mesh structure. Covered with polyethylene film. Traces of silicon can be found on the protective film used on self-adhesive closures.


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