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WJ Group

WJ’s carefully specified high and low-pressure preservative treatments protect timber from all forms of insect attack, wood destroying fungi and various other biological decay.

Available at WJ’s two facilities in Hull and Rochester, they offer detailed guidance on the level of treatment required, providing warranties of up to 15, 30 and 60 years – adding assurance that timber is effectively treated with the correct preservative.

WJ’s treatment facilities are perfectly located for customers to take advantage of their ability to treat timber directly from shipments, through the busy ports of Hull and Sheerness, whilst having access to local roads and motorways.

Preserving timber by protecting its sapwood, through the use of a high or low pressure impregnation process, is an effective way to improve the life of wood. The required amount of chemical retained in the wood is what determines the use class of each treatment. If the sapwood is left untreated it will rot over time as it is not naturally durable.

A popular choice when treating fence posts, decking, sleepers and fencing panels, high-pressure treatments are suitable for use in external environments. They’re also suitable for timber that is used in contact with the ground, which leaves it more exposed to rainfall - leading to the development of mould and wood rot.

High-pressure treatments ensure that the preservatives penetrate the wood deeply to provide long-lasting protection, whilst ensuring excellent durability and mould resistance for almost any end use. Customers can also choose to add a brown pigment to their treatment on request.

Low pressure preservatives offer long-term protection for low to medium risk interior and weather protected exterior applications. This is applied using a double vacuum process, which provides robust protection against both insects and fungi.

Using a low pressure treatment avoids penetrating the core of the timber, meaning that less water is absorbed and the treated timber withholds its original dimensions and natural moisture content effectively. This type of treatment is the perfect solution for protecting construction grade timbers, including Canadian Lumber Standard (CLS) framing and joinery.

WJ’s preservative production processes have acquired ISO 9001 accreditation, and all treatments are in line with the British Code of Practice, BS 8417:2001+A1:2014, in addition to the requirements of BS EN 335-1:2006.

WJ Timber Treatments


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WJ Group

WJ Group

Founded in 2007, WJ Group has established an excellent reputation for being a forward-thinking, hardworking and entirely customer focussed business. Our vision is to be the market leader in high-quality timber engineering and ethical timber...
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