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KSB Building Services have, for more than 25 years, been manufacturing a range of pressurisation equipment for sealed heating and chilled water systems.

In the UK, the majority of heating and chilled water systems designed today, are of the sealed system type as opposed to the traditional feed and expansion tank.

The expertise within KSB has enabled us to design and develop a comprehensive range of pressurisation equipment that provides a solution for all installations from the small light commercial market to the large commercial and industrial applications.

Standard models available vary from wall mounted units suitable for smaller systems, simple single pump units with separate expansion vessel, to fully packaged base plate mounted twin pump/twin outlet units. All fitted with quality constant rated pumps.

For the larger or pressure sensitive installations KSB have developed the SpillPress range of pump controlled sets. The SpillPress Pressurisation packages are custom designed to match the needs of the system.

Therefore, please contact the KSB's technical team for assistance with sizing and selection that will provide the optimum solution specific to your application.


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