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Protect the building aesthetic with coated hand-formed bricks

Protect the building aesthetic with coated hand-formed bricks

Over time bricks can discolour and lose their lustre because of the impact of wet weather, air pollution or efflorescence. The result can have a detrimental effect on a building’s visual aesthetic, compromising the architect’s design vision and reducing the value of the property for the owner. Brick manufacturer, Vandersanden is the first company to develop a viable, large scale coating solution to provide superior protection against efflorescence as well as secondary protection against the effects of pollution.

Vandersanden’s automated coating formulation makes facing bricks water-repellent and resistant to the effects of air pollution and efflorescence, ensuring façades remain beautiful and untarnished throughout their lifetime. This innovative and environmentally sustainable process which also makes it easier to clean the brick, if dirt or damage does occur, has now been fully rolled out across the entire Vandersanden hand-formed brick range available to UK specifiers.

Vandersanden worked with Belgian University, KU Leuven, to develop the solution which treats bricks with a special coating after the firing process. The process penetrates to a depth from 5mm to 15mm whilst retaining the original colour of the brick.

The liquids contain no harmful substances or chemicals that can damage the brick or the environment and is automatically applied at Vandersanden’s manufacturing facilities in Belgium and The Netherlands.

A coated brick has exactly the same pore structure as a non-coated brick and the number of pores and their size remain the same. However, as the walls of the pores are covered with a water-repellent layer, the water droplets are no longer attracted to the walls and will not be absorbed. As the pores remain open, the bricks also retain their resistance to frost.

Applying the coating during the production process, eliminates the need to coat the bricks with an applicator once they have been installed, which is a highly specialised and expensive process. It also reduces the often laborious and costly task of prepping the façade for a coating and the regular maintenance required.

“Creating beautiful facades that will stand the test of time remains crucial for Vandersanden,” says Jean-Pierre Wuytack, CEO at Vandersanden. "Thanks to our commitment to innovation in product design and manufacturing, we can ensure a lifetime of colour-safe brick performance for architects and their clients. We are proud of our coated solution which demonstrates how Vandersanden is the natural partner for architects who care passionately about creating the very best, most long-lasting aesthetic for their buildings.”

Vandersanden coated bricks come with a 25-year guarantee and the company has worked hard to ensure these bricks can be delivered at the same cost as non-coated bricks.

Vandersanden produces a vast array of high-quality bricks in different finishes and colours, ranging from reds and browns, to greys, creams and buffs that will inspire and enable the design and construction of beautiful buildings.

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Vandersanden UK

Vandersanden UK is a brick manufacturer renowned for its innovation, sustainability and craftmanship. The company produces a vast array of high-quality bricks, brick slips and brick solutions in different finishes and colours, ranging from reds and...
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