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What is Infrared Heating?

Infrared or Radiant Heating is actually an electromagnetic radiation that comes up with wavelengths longer than the visible light but shorter than the microwaves. Unlike the conventional way of heating, infrared heating does not warm up the air. Instead, it works directly by warming solid objects – walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, humans, only when these objects come in contact with the waves. In a room or space that is heated by infrared, people can absorb the heat along with the building fabrics and other objects of the room, so that the room itself becomes warmer with time, just like what happens in passive solar heating where the building fabric absorbs the heat that generates from the sun, only to re-radiate it back.

How do REDPUR Infrared Heat Panels Work?

REDPUR Infrared Heat Panels actually imitates the way in which sun heats up the environment on earth. These panels actually cause the molecules to oscillate and thereby release energy. It is this energy which in turn helps the environment to be heated by heating up solid objects. This is the effect which makes us feel warm. This is the most effective way of heating and experts are of the opinion that no other heating method can deliver such clean, instant and Eco-friendly ‘green’ heat in such a cost-effective way. In fact, this particular type of heating is 70% cheaper than the conventional central heating mechanism.

In Photonic Technology

Unlimited amount of patients, private individuals, including active sport athletes are enjoying the benefits of increased energy output physically and mentally as well as vital health improvement through the “In-Photonic Technology” built in constantly emitting millions of negative Ions, which are capable of eliminating the reasons for constant tiredness, Exhaustion and stress causing Sensitivity for longer periods.

A physical regulation can only be achieved via an Ion exchange during the atomic cell renewal process. People, whose lack of Energy of around 40% or more don’t have any spare capacity to physically balance the Energy level via an Ion exchange to stay healthy The Redpur Classic BIO Infrared Heating system Thera P1 and P8 WILL TAKE CARE OF THE Ion Exchange to achieve the desired results.


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Infrared Heating Technologies Ltd

Infrared Heating Technologies Ltd

Infrared or Radiant Heating can be defined as a mechanism that heats the solid objects like walls, furniture and floors in the room instead of heating the air. It is regarded as one of the most efficient as well as effective methods of heating in...
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