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LoCem® Repair Mortars

LoCem® is a geopolymer-based, highly durable inorganic binder formed using recycled and waste industrial by-products that is an alkali-activated cementitious material (AACM) to form a mortar and concrete meeting the requirements of EN1504-3 and PAS8820-2016.

LoCem® concrete repairs come as mix designs for non-structural (R1, R2) and structural (R3, R4) applications in accordance with definitions stated in EN1504-3:2006.

LoCem® can be used for any structural concrete repair on any type of structure (heritage buildings, bridges, tunnels, marine infrastructure) and for interior and exterior applications. It has highly durable qualities, including chemical and fire resistance, whilst yielding up to 80% less CO2 emissions in its manufacture.

It is also compatible with C-Probe’s +point®, +chase® and +spray® alkali-activated ICCP anode materials, making it a highly versatile product for a range of restoration projects.

C-Puck Galvanic Anode with LoCem® CPM (Conductive Packing Mortar)

C-Puck is a Galvanic puck anode which are attached to steel to provide a bimetallic corrosion cell where the base metal (the anode) corrodes or sacrifices itself to protect the more noble metal (steel) to which they are attached.

These anodes protect the incipient (ring) anode area that can form around the perimeter of a concrete repair. They require no external power supply, but their performance can be assessed in a similar way to impressed current CP systems. LoCem® CPM offers a more durable, low carbon alternative to Portland cements and allows the electrical current to flow through the mortar.

C-Puck is a single time application and can then be monitored to be installed with AchillesGCP digital management system for remote operation, control, and real-time data. The combined use of zinc metal and geopolymer manufacturing processes means this solution is ESG compliant and yields minimal carbon emissions.


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C-Probe Systems

C-Probe Systems

C-Probe Systems produce smart, low carbon alkali activated cementitious materials for the repair, protection, and monitoring of structural corrosion in the built environment.

LoCem® is the base formulation for a family of low carbon...
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