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Restoration - Reinforced Concrete Structures

C-Probe Systems

+chase® anode ICCP System

+chase® operates as an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) anode. The anode material is a mortar and can be installed using a conventional grouting gun, hand placement and finishing tools and operate within reinforced concrete structural elements, such as decks, beams, abutment walls and so on.

If multi-layer steel protection is required, then there may be a need to also drill discrete holes within the element to depth to throw current around the whole steel area.

It is commonly used for the restoration of existing reinforced concrete structures, such as multi story car parks and decks, helping to retain the embodied carbon by protecting steel from corrosion and preventing damage to the concrete cover that was created during its construction.

The implementation of +chase® is completely sustainable and ESG compliant, like C-Probe's other products, as the anode mortar comes from their AACM innovation LoCem®, which produces up to 80% less CO2e (which is a reduction by a factor of 6.4!).

+chase® can be monitored for performance using the C-Probe Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare systems in a network that is remotely managed to limit the need to revisit site.

Combining +chase, Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare systems (AchillesICP) and AiMS, C-Probe's open network management system, creates a low carbon retrofit system that extends structure’s service life for at least another 25 years.

+shot® sprayed AACM Concrete Anode System

C-Probe's +shot® anode operates as an impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) anode. It is installed using a conventional dry and wet spray concrete equipment and finishing tools. It operates as a bonded cover to concrete substrates that have been surface prepared by grit-blasting.

+shot® is a sustainable sprayed concrete solution for all types of reinforced concrete structures, including bridges, tunnels, marine structures, and flood defences. As it is an alkali activated cementitious material (AACM), it has a very low carbon emission profile and manufacturing process, whilst being ESG compliant.

When installed alongside AchillesICP, the system provides in-depth corrosion rate monitoring to allow the service life tracking of performance over the whole life of the structure.

The system is accessed and controlled remotely with C-Probe's open network system AiMS and allows the owner to receive and update of performance online, helping to cut maintenance expenditure and avoid social disruption.

Carro+® Galvanic/Impressed Combination Anode

C-Probe's Carro+® GI anodes operate as either a galvanic or an impressed current anodes. They are drilled into the structure and used to temporarily polarise the steel with an external power supply. This will move chloride ion from rebar level and into the body of the concrete cover reducing the risk of reinforcement corrosion.

Following this impressed mode, the system can be switched over to galvanic mode by an aching to steel to provide a bimetallic corrosion cell where the anode then prevents further accelerated corrosion from taking place.

Carro+® is commonly used for reinforced concrete structures and offers a flexible solution, as you can decide when you need to switch from ‘galvanic’ to ‘ICCP’ mode. It is also a sustainable solution as it is packed with C-Probe's LoCem® CPM anode mortar with enhanced conductivity. Its performance can be operated and controlled remotely by either AchillesICP or AchillesGCP, or in a developed network with remote data access and reporting on AiMS, to offer accurate service life tracking and transparency into your structure’s performance.


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C-Probe Systems

C-Probe Systems

C-Probe Systems produce smart, low carbon alkali activated cementitious materials for the repair, protection, and monitoring of structural corrosion in the built environment.

LoCem® is the base formulation for a family of low carbon...
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