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Reynolux® is a pre-painted aluminium sheet or coil manufactured through the coil-coating process. Unlike powder coating, this process allows for the application of one or more layers of coating, all in uniform quality and with no colour deviation between different delivery batches.

Reynolux®is a tremendously versatile product. It is suitable for roofs, facade cladding and many other interior and exterior applications. Reynolux®can be used in new construction as well as for refurbishment. Reynolux®opens up creative possibilities in a market segment that far too often moves no further than the standard options. It can also be coated with in a unique palette of colours through our coil coating systems.

Even small batches can be delivered in any choice of colour. The simple processing of Reynolux® lets you create luminous colours in original shapes. The outstanding physical and chemical characteristics of the coatings give Reynolux® an extraordinary resistance to UV rays and good weather protection.

In addition to Reynolux® Alcoa Architectural Products also offers with Reynobond® an innovative and creative range of aluminium composite panels. The combination of Reynobond®and Reynolux® gives architectural projects a completely new dimension, since the two products complement each other perfectly. Manufactured at the same coil-coating plant, their colours are always certain to be identical. Hence a facade can be cladded with harmonious designs but different materials, thereby gaining benefits in terms of both design and cost.


Reynobond®|Reynolux® with EcoClean™ is the first aluminium cladding panel to clean itself – and the environment as well. With the aid of the sun and moisture, dirt and smog particles are rendered harmless. As a result, EcoClean™ helps the cladding both clean itself and keep the environment clean.

To its powers of self-cleaning must be added that of air-cleaning. 1,000 m2 of Reynobond®|Reynolux® with EcoClean™ disperse as much smog as approximately 80 trees. This is sustainability at its proactive best – testimony to Alcoa’s strong commitment to protecting the environment.

EcoClean™ is both environmentally friendly and economic:

• 1,000 m2 of EcoClean™ disperse as much smog as approximately 80 trees
• self-cleaning using sunand rain
• wall claddings remain permanently clean
• more or less does away with maintenance and cleaning costs – no chemical cleaning agents needed

Learn more about EcoClean™

Reynolux® is available in the following surface ranges:

STANDARD: With the wide range of standard surfaces stylish monochrome elegance can easily be achieved. Several finishes for coatings can be chosen: matt, satin or high gloss. All colours on the RAL colour chart are of course available.

EFFECTS: By using EFFECTS designs get that special touch, all the advantages of Reynobond® aluminium composite panels or Reynolux® aluminium sheeting included.

The interplay of light, reflection, material and absorption induce ever-changing effects, effectively highlighting any building. You can choose from a wide variety of colours like Chameleon and colours with sparkling or anodized effects, available with different sheen finishes, colour gradients and colour depths.

DESIGN Natural Finish: The extended Natural Finish range of surfaces offers architects yet greater choice of natural metal and mineral surfaces with the original textures. Containing 21 colours, the range includes four granite versions, various mineral colour shades, as well as warm sandstone and modern zinc and copper finishes. With the same textures as their originals, these surfaces impress by their natural look and effects under light.

DESIGN Wood Design: Wood Design is hardly distinguishable from real wood, but has all the advantages of Reynobond® aluminium composite panels and Reynolux® aluminium sheeting. Thanks to DURAGLOSS® 5000, you cannot tell that it is a coil-coated aluminium composite panel.

Reynobond® Wood Design’s flexibility and formability mean that it can be used to create curves and 3-D elements, which are difficult to do with real wood or other imitations. Not to forget the added benefit of low-weight boards with their high degree of resistance to the effects of the environment and UV radiation.

The Wood Design range now includes a total of 20 different wood finishes, including popular colours such as the classically elegant Colonial Red, warm Walnut Brown or traditional and stylish Dark Oak.

You can choose between four colour systems with Reynobond® and Reynolux®:
• DURAGLOSS® was developed by us as a high-performance coating based on polymer resin. It offers serious resistance to wear and tear, salt, moisture, and UV rays. DURAGLOSS® comes in gloss levels of 3% to 80% (by comparison: only 20% to 30% with PVDF).
• PVDF 70/30 coating: This coating is considered the standard for high-performance coatings in the construction industry. It is ideally suited to aggressive environments and extreme climatic conditions.
• Polyester coating: This coating is very flexible and highly resistant to weather conditions.
• Polyamid coating: All the benefits of polyester plus outstanding scratch resistance.


FinishesPolyester coating, Polyamide coating, PVDF 70/30 coating, DURAGLOSS®


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