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Society's growing mobility and rapidly ageing road networks are currently confronting the road construction sector with an ever greater and, above all, cost-intensive challenges. Huesker incorporates Base Reinforcement and Asphalt Reinforcement.


SamiGrid is a composite product consisting of an asphalt reinforcement grid made from high-modulus polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibres in combination with a nonwoven fabric.

Saturation of the nonwoven with bitumen means that SamiGrid also performs a sealing function to complement the reinforcing action of the grid.

This powerful combination of materials results in a high-performance product that is ideal for the rehabilitation of concrete pavements by using an asphalt overlay.

SamiGrid significantly extends the service life of asphalt resurfaced concrete pavements.


Flexible, high-strength, temperature-resistant grid for effective reinforcement of asphalt layers.

Because of the associated reduction in maintenance costs, HaTelit offers a very economical solution for the repair of road surfaces.

Nothing sticks better to bitumen than bitumen.

Basetrac Grid

Basetrac Grid geogrids are manufactured from two raw materials: polypropylene or polyester. They are polymer coated for high UV-stability and low installation damage. These geogrids offer standard biaxial tensile strength from 20 to 80 kN/m.

Basetrac Grid is the standard product for base reinforcement applications. The alkali resistance of the polypropylene material allows its use even in cement-stabilized soils. The flexible material exhibits no memory effect meaning faster and easier installation and allows good interaction between soil and reinforcement grid.

The high-tensile geogrid provides reliable long-term reinforcement for base courses. Basetrac Grid has been shown to reduce the quantity of base material needed, in comparison to unreinforced constructions.

Basetrac Duo

Basetrac Duo is a composite material - geogrid plus nonwoven. The geogrid is manufactured from polypropylene, polyester or polyvinylalcohol. The nonwoven is made of polypropylene. Basetrac Duo offers a standard biaxial tensile strength up to 75 kN/m.

Apart from its use in road and highway construction, Comtrac is a proven base reinforcement for railway lines.

Basetrac Duo comprises a combination of a nonwoven geotextile and a reinforcement grid that ensures an excellent interlock with the granular layers and prevents the migration of fine soil particles from the underlying soils.

The fact that Basetrac Duo can be readily stitched together into large panels also makes it ideal for sludge lagoon remediation.

The separation and filtration properties of the integral nonwoven also considerably increase stability, thereby eliminating the need for soil replacement.

Basetrac Duo C

Basetrac Duo-C is a composite material - geogrid plus nonwoven. The geogrid is being manufactured from polypropylene, polyester or polyvinylalcohol coated with a polymer. Basetrac Duo-C offers a standard biaxial tensile strength up to 65 kN/m.

Basetrac Duo-C is the product of choice for base reinforcement on soils with low bearing capacity. The integral nonwoven separates the high-grade base material from the soft subgrade.

Basetrac Woven

Basetrac Woven is typically used to stabilise surfaces in road and pavement construction. The fine-meshed texture of Basetrac Woven enables them to fulfil a separation, filtration and stabilisation function.

Basetrac Woven guarantees reliable application in accordance with the German M Geok E-StB (“Guidance Paper on the Use of Geosynthetics in Earthworks for Roadbuilding Projects“). The alkali resistance of the constituent material allows its use in cement-stabilised soils.

Basetrac Nonwoven
In base course constructions, Basetrac Nonwoven products serve the purpose of separating the base course material from the subgrade and preventing the infiltration of fine soil particles. They avert the loss of base course material, which may otherwise sink into the subgrade, and thereby maintain the shear strength of the base course.

Basetrac Nonwoven products meet all relevant application standards, such as the manufacturer-related product qualification for railway engineering. They are typically specified for soils of adequate bearing capacity (strain modulus EV2 > 35 MN/m²) and complement the other products in the Basetrac range for base course applications.


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