RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit


RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit is a natural aggregate finish surround for planted trees in public and private areas.

RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit is an alternative to traditional costly metal grilles which are difficult to walk on and can become a storage space for hazardous and unsavoury items of litter.

The RonaDeck Eco Tree Pit surrounds the tree in a solid yet flexible construction that is easily swept clean and its porous structure allows rainwater to seep immediately through to the root system feeding the tree and reducing the burden of surface water drainage.

The system is suitable for walking on (less slippery than grating) and for light vehicle traffic.

How is Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit laid?

1. First a sound base is created.

2. Loose aggregate is added to the base creating a rising funnel of aggregate around the tree trunk ready for the tree pit system to be laid on top.

3. The aggregate is poured into a forced action mixer.

4. The two components of the resin are mixed together using a slow speed drill fitted with a helical paddle attachment.

5. The mixed resin is immediately added to the aggregate in the mixer.

6. The mixed Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit system is poured onto the prepared surface.

7. A steel float is used to compact, level and smooth the system around the tree roots allowing space around the trunk for movement and growth.

8. The system is then allowed to cure. It can be laid in wet conditions. It is ready for light traffic after four hours.

What is SuDs?

The Environment Agency has introduced a set of requirements for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) to eliminate flooding caused by water run off in urban areas and also to eliminate the risk of pollution as contaminants get mixed with the water.

The open matrix structure of the Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit system allows water to drain into the substrate feeding any surrounding trees and plants and avoiding any change or damage to the natural water table in line with SuDS.

Ronacrete Eco Tree Pit system reduces the carbon footprint by:

Decreasing travel costs:
• All weather application ¿ reduces downtime, no need to return to site
• Concentrated formulation ¿ weighs less, takes up less space meaning fewer trips and uses less fuel
• Manufactured in the UK

Less resources and waste
• Concentrated formulation means less packaging required
• Reduced packaging means less waste
• Waste from packaging is recycled
• Packaging is made from completely recyclable materials

Lower emissions
• Containers made from bio-polymers
• No dried aggregates required ¿ so no burning of fossil fuels
• Container designed for automated filling - quicker and more energy efficient


NBS clausesRonaDeck Eco Tree Pit Q31 505


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