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U-Flow - Flat Roof Drainage Systems

Unique & specially designed seal to prevent water back-up from spilling out through an unsealed outlet or downpipe connection
One piece spun aluminium unit - simple to install
Manufactured from aluminium - durable and long lasting
Can be used with most types of membrane - one product will suit most applications
Very heavy duty leafguards available - provides strength and security
Unique clamping ring - ensures positive hold on the membrane
Curved ‘turn-in’ at top of spigot - faster, more efficient water flow
Large flange covers wide area - excellent for refurbishment applications

U-Flow Product Range

Aluminium Hercules
Primarily designed for refurbishment applications, this outlet features a one-piece spun aluminuim 3.2 mm thick body and a heavy cast aluminuim clamping ring which suits most flat roof membranes and coverings. It also incorporates the unique U-Flow seal.

Aluminium Retrodrain
The Retrodrain features a 1.6mm thick one-piece spun aluminuim body. The large flange at 445mm diameter makes this outlet especially suitable for refurbishment application. It also incorporates the unique U-Flow seal.

Aluminium Retrodrain - PVC
Similar in design to the standard aluminuim retro drain, this outlet has a PVC plastisol coating on the flange. This enables PVC roof membranes to be secured to the flange by heat or solvent welding. It also incorporates the unique U-Flow seal

Aluminium Retrodrain - Offset
The offset Retrodrain outlet is specifically designed for applications where the outlet needs to be positioned close to vertical abutments, such as parapet walls or up-stands. The outlet features a 1.6mm thick spun aluminium flange 445mm in diameter, and can be cut or bent to suit the application. It also incorporates the clamping ring and unique U-Flow seal.

U-Flow leafguards
There are different leafguards available designed for all types of application. The cast aluminium versions, with their heavy duty construction provide strength, security and peace of mind for the contractor. There are also robust nylon options for use in the relevant applications

U-Flow Accessories

Provides additional drainage if roof water exceeds 100mm.

Quick Flow
Provides increased flow rates of up to 25%.

Flow control
Creates a specific limited water flow given different levels of roof water.

Ballast guard
Prevents heavy aggregates and debris entering or blocking the outlet.

FarBo - Flat Roof Drainage Systems

One piece unit - quick installation.
Acknowledged by leading waterproofing system manufacturers - proven, specified products
Can be made to fit into tight spaces - versatile, can be used in most areas
New build or refurbishment applications - one type suits all
Fixing locations on stainless steel flange - ease of installation
Flush finish - minimal risk of ponding
Many leaf guard options - designed for all applications
Easy installation - no specialist tooling required
Generic SBS flange - suits most SBS felt membranes
Generic PVC flange available in light or dark grey - suits many different PVC membranes
Any roof membrane can be applied - please ask for specific applications
Comprehensive range of sizes in stock

FarBo Product Range

FarBo FloDrain
The FloDrain outlet from Fixfast is a versatile unit that is available in a large range of sizes for both new build and refurbishment applications.

FarBo ParaDrain
The ParaDrain outlet is designed for use in through wall applications or parapets, and is available in three standard pipe sizes. A specially designed parapet leaf guard is available to help prevent blocking of outlet by debris.

FarBo SumpDrain
The SumpDrain is used for the same application as the ParaDrain, but is a much more efficient and powerful product. It creates a suction effect to transfer water from the roof using a sump that the water from the roof flows into before entering the spigot, resulting in increased flow rates.

FarBo DuoDrain
The DuoDrain outlet consists with two parts. The lower outlet connects to the VCL to create an effective seal at the crucial interface. The upper outlet is a standard FloDrain that is fitted through the insulation and into the lower outlet, creating a watertight connection.

FarBo Leaf guards
Fixfast recommend that Leafguards are used with our outlets in almost every application. Easy to install, and specifically designed to use in conjunction with our outlets, they effectively prevent leafs and other debris from blocking the outlets.

FarBo Accessories
The FarBo range includes an excellent selection of ancillary products, to assist in difficult applications and complement your project. These include:
Extension pipes -for extending FarBo roof outlets
Angle pipes - for use with FarBo roof outlets and extension pipes.
Reducer pipe - for reducing 160mm roof outlets to suit 110mm pipes.
Overflow insert - for use in conjunction with FarBo outlets to provide an overflow roof drainage system.
Insulation tubes - Thermal insulation tube for the insulation of FarBo outlets and extension pipes.
Flexi pipes - flexible pipe for use with FarBo roof outlets.
Heater elements - for use with FarBo outlets and extension pipes.
Pipe couplings - Flexible connection between outlets and down pipes.
Calliper - For selecting the correct size FarBo roof outlet, especially in refurbishment applications.


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