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Flat roofs are challenging in terms of insulation, waterproofing systems and functional upgrades. Bauder are the only European manufacturer of bitumen membranes, synthetic membranes and PIR insulation to offer such an unrivalled variety of sophisticated flat roof solutions.

New build projects
For new build projects, almost any of Bauder's various waterproofing systems can be used, with some systems lending themselves to a particular project depending on the deck construction, durability and life expectancy to create a successful roof system for your building.

Refurbishment Roofs
There are different options available for refurbishment; completely stripping up the failing system and replacing it, or overlaying the existing system.

Waterproofing Systems
How a building is used and constructed are key factors in the selection of the correct waterproofing system - the options are as varied as the requirements. Bauder ave the perfect solution for every situation, whether the membrane coverings are bituminous-based, plastic or resinous.

Green Roof Systems
Bauder has been delivering green roofs for over 30 years and provides a complete package of waterproofing systems and associated landscaping components to ensure that every green roof will always be reliable. We deliver intensive, extensive and biodiversity green roofs.

PV Systems
The BauderSOLAR photovoltaic solution for flat roofs features the integrated system in which the PV module and the substructure are combined to form a single unit, which is secured to the roof without any penetration of the waterproofing or roof deck. This ensures that the integrity of the roof is upheld throughout the installation of the PV array.

Combined Green Roof and PV System
Bauder BioSOLAR is an integrated mounting solution for photovoltaic renewable energy with a green roof where the substrate and vegetation provide the ballasted installation mechanism, which removes the need for penetrating the waterproofing to secure the mounting units to the roof.


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Bauder Ltd

Bauder Ltd

Bauder is a leading international manufacturer of building construction materials. Bauder provide clients with waterproofing membranes and insulation to make buildings watertight and thermally efficient, photovoltaic installations for renewable energy...
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