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Every year, billions of birds collide into buildings. It’s a global problem. Give the prevalence of glass in modern architecture, countless birds are killed as they navigate along migratory pathways and strike windows, link bridges, curtain walls, and other glass facades. They fail to see glass and misjudge reflections—all leading to avoidable collisions. Cities and countries worldwide are passing legislations that requires new constructions to feature bird-friendly glass.

To address the global challenge of birds colliding with glass buildings, Eastman introduces, Saflex® FlySafe™ 3D PVB interlayers. This unique solution gives architects and façade engineers the freedom to create visually stunning buildings while still protecting birds.

Key Benefits:

Highly effective
The 3D sequins within Saflex FlySafe 3D offer an effective method of avoiding avian in-flight collisions, maintaining glass as a preferred design element.
• Collabs—Biological Station Hohenau-Ringelsdorf, Austria WIN Test: Highly Effective, less than 10% approaches
• American Bird Conservancy Threat factor: Less than 10
• Contributes to LEED® pilot credit for SSpc55 (“Bird collision deterrence,” SSpc55, CS v4—Core and Shell)

Minimal visual obscuring
Unlike bird protection glass that uses screen printing, etching, or UV coating solutions, Saflex FlySafe 3D uses discreet and optimally placed sequins, covering less than 1% of the glass area, to avert birds without compromising views.

Design freedom
FlySafe 3D bird protection glazing is compatible with Saflex Acoustic, Clear, Crystal Clear, Storm, Structural, and UV interlayers, enabling architects and glass laminators to mitigate bird strikes without compromising on safety, security, structural integrity, aesthetics, UV screening, or acoustic control.

Durable choice
Because it’s an interlayer, your bird protection glass will last. The sequins are protected from the elements and cleaning tools and fluids, requiring only normal laminated glass cleaning and maintenance.


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