SAGEGLASS®: Electronic sunlight control for windows and facades


SageGlass is electronically tintable glass for windows, skylights and curtain walls. It is a beautiful and cost-effective way to control sunlight without shades or blinds, so you can manage glare and heat while maintaining a connection to the outdoors.

SageGlass isn’t designed for buildings - it’s designed for people. It controls the sunlight and heat entering a building, significantly reducing energy consumption while improving people’s comfort and well-being – reducing a building’s cooling load by 20% and HVAC requirements up to 30%.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, SageGlass is a smarter, more elegant solution than conventional sun controls such as mechanical window shades, blinds and louvres.

7 key benefits of SageGlass:
• Permanent transparency regardless of the colour state, optimizing the contribution of natural daylight.
• Offers enhanced comfort with regards to light, temperature and acoustics.
• Respects the architectural project by removing the need for mechanical and/or fixed shading systems.
• Results in lower energy consumption in the building and therefore reduced energy bills.
• Simple automated and/or manual control.
• Silent change of state.
• ‘Plug & play’ installation, with no maintenance required.

SageGlass plays an instrumental role in addressing several key issues - it:
• Enhances the energy efficiency of buildings by providing effective solar control.
• Lowers energy bills, by reducing the need to operate climate control systems.
• Maximises natural light levels by remaining transparent even when activated.

Enquiries for this product range are handled by the GLASSOLUTIONS Solaglas Façade Design and Supply business. Please send your enquiry to:


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