SageGlass LightZone®


SageGlass LightZone® is a dynamic glazing solution that tints or clears automatically or on demand to optimize daylight, reduce glare and manage heat – all while maintaining unobstructed views to the outdoors. As the electrochromic glass optimises the amount of natural light coming into the building, there is no need to compromise the view as with traditional solar control solutions such as blinds or shades.

In many occasions, it is unnecessary to entirely tint a pane of glass to block heat and glare. SageGlass LightZone® provides you with the ability to create up to three tint zones within a single pane of glass to let in exactly the right amount of light and block the sun as needed. The smart glass increases personal comfort as it offers a precise daylight, glare and heat control all while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. As one pane of glass can have multiple tint states; it maintains an excellent interior colour rendering.

    Key features:
    • Targeted solar control
    • Automatic & manual control
    • Blocks 99% of glare producing light
    • Intelligent daylight and heat management
    • Maintains view and connection to the outdoors
    • Excellent interior colour rendering
    • Helps achieve green labels e.g. LEED, BREEAM, WELL etc.

    • punched window openings
    • ribbon windows
    • floor to ceiling window applications
    • Curtain walls


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SageGlass® by Saint-Gobain is the world leader in dynamic glass solutions. Electronically tintable SageGlass tints or clears automatically to optimize daylight levels while preventing heat and glare without the need for traditional shading systems....
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