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Saint-Gobain PAM UK help Wirral Council improve safety and reduce whole life costs on the A41

Saint-Gobain PAM UK help Wirral Council improve safety and reduce whole life costs on the A41

The A41 New Chester Road is a busy route in Birkenhead where increasing traffic intensity is leading to more frequent failure of street ironwork such as gully gratings, higher than budgeted maintenance costs and disruption to road users.

In congested areas it is also common for cyclists to swerve and avoid the surface water drainage system bringing them into closer proximity to passing traffic leading to an increased risk of accidents.

In areas where the road narrows this brings heavy vehicles into contact with the leading edge of a grating. This localises the stress transmitted into the ironwork casing instability which often leads to an eventual breakdown of the road surface and if left, the eventual failure of the ironwork and reinstatement itself.

Initially developed in conjunction with Highways England and Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd for use in the strategic road network, Wirral Council recognised the advantages of the new Proteus D400 Narrow Profile captive hinged gully grating when selecting it as their preferred solution.

Proteus represents an innovative approach to product design. Its narrow grating profile avoids excessive clipping by traffic, its patented angled bridge is designed to distribute stress and resist displacement enhancing its stability, increasing its durability. At less than 300 mm wide its grating profile is safer for cyclists who are sometimes put at risk when swerving to avoid ironwork in the road.

When combined with the Rhino Asphalt Solutions Ltd Ironmaster Installation System and its compatibility with the existing drainage network, Proteus provides a solution that improves cyclist safety and offers long term performance reducing whole life costs. Phil Miner of Wirral Council said;

Over the years we have experienced a number of gully failures. We have noticed that this is largely due to HGV traffic running over the front edge of each piece of ironwork. With Saint-Gobain PAM’s new Proteus Gully protruding significantly less into the carriageway than a standard gully (but also collecting the same amount of surface water), we are confident in less future failures, and have the reassurance of a minimum 5 year guarantee.

Proteus Narrow Profile Gull Grating

The patented Proteus Narrow Profile Gully Grating is manufactured by Saint-Gobain PAM UK at the Melton Mowbray foundry, Leicestershire in accordance with the highest safety, quality and manufacturing standards.

It is 3rd party accredited and kitemarked by the BSI in accordance with BS EN124 2015, as it is rated to a D400 load classification. It is recommended for use in carriageways carrying continuous heavy traffic such as motorways, trunk and city roads. It is made from highly durable 500/7 grade ductile iron, which offers the optimum strength to weight ratio.

The ability of a grating to effectively remove surface water is most important along the kerb line where 75% of water flows in typical rainfall conditions. Proteus has been designed to provide more than 2x the water clearing area along the kerb line when compared to a standard 450 x 450 mm grating when using the Highways England CD534 Chamber tops and gully tops for road drainage and services definition that requires “a minimum waterway area of 45 cm2 between the kerb face of the frame and a parallel line 50 mm distant, and there should be a minimum waterway area of 65 cm2 between the kerb face of the frame and a parallel line 90 mm distant”.

Long term durability is provided by multi-directional wedge seatings which provide a large contact area between the grating and frame sections. This aids stability and resists lateral movement in the grating reducing wear, increasing longevity even under heavy traffic conditions.

Through its unique design Proteus has a large footprint specifically designed to be compatible with any standard 450Ø gully pot making it an ideal replacement for any existing gully installation.

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