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Sanpress Inox is a Stainless Steel system for top quality drinking water installations. A reliable system made of high quality materials, the pipe materials 1.4521 and 1.4401 are combined in Sanpress Inox with press connectors made of Stainless Steel. This creates a system that meets even the most stringent conditions in the drinking water installation area.

Sanpress Inox is available in a size range of 15mm to 108mm diameter.

The advantage of the Viega press connection is not just its lightning-quick assembly. Its particularly high level of safety is also what makes Viega the choice of plumbing professionals. Sanpress Inox press connectors are certified in accordance with the stringent German DVGW standard and WRAS approved and offer a unique safety factor with the Viega SC-Contur feature.

The Viega SC-Contur guarantees that any inadvertently unpressed connectors become visible. In a dry leakage test, the pressure – in cases of unpressed connection – falls visibly through the entire pressure range from 22.0 mbar to 3.0 bar. If the leakage test is carried out with water in a pressure range of 1.0 to 6.5 bar, this will discharge visibly from the inadvertently unpressed connections.

If all connectors are fitted with the SC-Contur, the impermeability of the entire system can be monitored with a central leakage test. It is not necessary to visually inspect the individual connections. This means the effort and risk arising from the unpressed connections are reduced to a minimum.

Sanpress Inox is available in three variants: Sanpress Inox for drinking water, heating and cooling and compressed air applications (EPDM seal,15 to 108mm) and Sanpress Inox G designed for use with fuels such as gas, heating oil and diesel fuels (HNBR seal, 18 to 54mm). Sanpress Inox LF is a specialist fitting for use in paint-application pipelines (EPDM seal, 15 to 54mm).




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