SATK32 Indirect Heat Interface Unit

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

The SATK32 heat interface unit with advanced electronic functions is the latest ‘intelligent’ range of HIU from Altecnic. The SATK32 is the complete solution for instantaneous hot water production and space heating control.

• Complete range for low, medium and high temperature systems
• Compact size, simple installation use and maintenance
• Instantaneous DHW production with DHW exchanger weekly programmable preheating function
• Remote user interface with chronothermostat function
• Control of the return temperature in both heating and DHW mode; Ideal for condensing boilers and district heating applications
• Self-diagnostics and remote control via Mod-BUS

The indirect twin plate design hydraulically separates both domestic and space heating from the central primary supply. The advanced electronic features of the SATK32 can protect the heat network from inefficiency.

Maximum Allowable Primary Return Temperature
The unit has the ability for the maximum allowable primary return temperature to be set independently for both heating and DHW. As an example, when the unit is producing space heating, the maximum allowable primary return could be set to 40 C. Once set, the unit will modulate the secondary output temperature to ensure that the primary return never exceeds the 40 C set point.
In this way, the network is protected from low delta T’s and therefore inefficiency.

The maximum allowable primary return when the unit is in DHW production mode can also be set. In doing so, a primary return of just
20C for example can be set. The unit will automatically ensure that it’s never exceeded.

Maximum Primary Flow Rate
To further protect the network from inefficiency and failure, the maximum primary flow rate that the unit can take, when in heating mode, can be set on the HIU controller. Once set, this will ensure that the apartment space heating demand can never exceed the designers intended load. This protects the network from failure, should cold weather, DHW peak demand and multiple apartments on maximum space heating coincide.

View the full range of heat networks from Altecnic here.


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Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Altecnic Ltd – Caleffi Group

Established near Stafford in 1987, Altecnic is one of the leading suppliers of hydronic solutions for both commercial and domestic markets.

As part of the Caleffi Group, their Italy based manufacturing partner and parent company,...
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