Erlau’s products are produced exclusively in Germany, are ISO 9001 certified and can be expanded, extended or completely refurbished even many years after being purchased. The product ranges are perfect for a wide variety of environments from city centres and public realm environments, public waiting areas to transport, education, parks and playgrounds to name a few.

The scope and utility of the Erlau range is endless. Standard and customised designs are available. The Erlau outdoor furniture range offers a wide range of benefits due to its high quality manufacturing.

The Erlau range is powder-coated with Rilsan which is made from renewable resources extracted from the castoroil plant; no toxic gases are produced in case of fire. A coating thickness of 350 microns is applied to seating furniture which guarantees a high level of durability and insulation.

As a result, Erlau furniture never warms up in excess of 42˚C (108˚F) even the Erlau Outdoor Furniture range, a great advantage compared to seats made of wood, stone or pure metal.

Erlau offer an exclusive anti-graffiti coating to their range helping to safe guard your furniture against all kinds of graffiti. The innovative coating allows the graffiti to be simply removed by wiping it off with a biodegradable paint remover; even stickers are easy to remove.

Protection against the elements is vital when dealing with outdoor furniture which is what Pagwood offers. Pagwood is a resin-soaked laminate made of very thin, cross bonded veneers of domestic European beech. It is fracture proof, doesn’t splinter and is water and chemical resistant.

The Erlau seating collection is extensive. Working across a wide range of industries and environments you can rest assured that Erlau will have a solution for your needs.


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Erlau AG founded in 1828 in Aalen, is a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture (open space equipment). Erlau is a subsidiary company of RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG who produces top quality chain systems and components. Their broad...
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