Self-levelling adjustable pedestals for paving and decking


BALANCE self-levelling pedestals are specially designed to accommodate differences in the deck surface below the pedestal. Made from virgin fibre polypropylene, they are available in heights from 25mm up to 392mm.

There can be blemishes and ridges in the sub-deck e.g. felt overlaps or changes in the thickness of a paving slab which can make the upper surface uneven. The BALANCE adjustable pedestal pivots at the head so that the upper surface is completely flat, bringing greater stability and a more luxurious finish to the paving or decking area.

Hide unsightly objects. Cables, water pipes and drainage outlets can be concealed underneath the paving slabs or decking, improving the aesthetics and optimising the building footprint, bringing more yield to the developer.


The 120mm diameter headpiece can support both paving slabs and joists on timber decking applications. Rainwater can run between and under the slabs or decking, so there is no standing water left on the surface. This improves health & safety as it makes the surface area less slippery.

The headpiece has been created to allow up to a 5% or 2.86 ° slope correction. The optic-type mechanism moves in all directions, so the head finds its own flat level.

The lugs are positioned to hold either the corners of four slabs in place or house the joist between them for secure placement but allowing movement. There are no mechanical fixings, the weight of the surface material keeps everything in place.

The auto-correcting head makes installing decking systems much faster than traditional methods. The mechanism ensures smooth movement of the head and positioning of the paving slab. Slips and sharp tilting are avoided owing to the superior design and solid manufacture.

A rubber anti-shock pad is installed on the headpiece to give better grip to the slab or decking and help insulate against vibration and noise travelling through the pedestal to the deck beneath.


The telescopic stem allows hand adjustment in height when the slab or decking is in place, leading to labour savings and improving health and safety.


The base plate is 200mm diameter, which gives effective weight displacement when paving / decking onto surfaces such as waterproofing membranes and insulation. Fins running from stem to edge of the baseplate guards against point loading down the central column.

Low threshold

Our 25-50mm Balances have been specially designed to make installations at very low height thresholds easier. A small “PULL” tab on the side enables installers to open up the pedestal and set the unit at different heights, depending on which sized notch they decide to connect. Each setting is 5mm higher at each step.

By changing the setting of the notches installers go from 25mm up to 50mm in height and still have an ample range of adjustment through the thread.


This unique design is robust, stable and durable. The pedestal is injection moulded from virgin fibre polypropylene without fillers to withstand extremes of temperature and load.

Each pedestal has a weight tolerance of 683kg per unit and has been tested to temperatures of +75°C and -40°C.

Ideal for Decking

The lugs (fins) are set out towards the edges of the headpiece giving a 55mm gap between them to house a timber joist. Decking boards are then fixed to the timber joist frame no need to cut furrings – simply adjust the pedestal height by hand.

•Availability - 2 days
•Reaction to fire - Class C as standard (Class B1 available upon request)
•Normal working weight load - 683kg
•Maximum weight load - 1,171kg
•Softening Point - 75°C
•Cold tolerance - -40°C
•Baseplate diameter - 2000mm
•Headpiece diameter - 120mm
•Lug thickness - 2mm
•Lug height - 10mm
•Acoustic shim thickness - 1mm

Height Range

25-50mm BALANCE Pedestal (with 2 extension plates)
47-62mm BALANCE Pedestal
62-82mm BALANCE Pedestal
77-112mm BALANCE Pedestal
107-142mm BALANCE Pedestal
137-172mm BALANCE Pedestal
167-202mm BALANCE Pedestal
197-232mm BALANCE Pedestal
222-257mm BALANCE Pedestal
252-287mm BALANCE Pedestal
282-317mm BALANCE Pedestal
312-347mm BALANCE Pedestal
342-377mm BALANCE Pedestal
97-147mm BALANCE EXTRA Pedestal
137-227mm BALANCE EXTRA Pedestal
222-392mm BALANCE EXTRA Pedestal


Limited warranty (see Terms & Conditions of Supply) based on products being used for purposes stated by Wallbarn up to the amount of the invoice total.

Warranty - 15 years
Life span - 25 years

NBS Clauses
J21 85 467 J31 80 370 375 377 J41 90 467 J42 467 Q37 460 Q55 110 395 45-70-45 330 J21 470 J31 375 377 J41 470 Q50 25 Q55 380 45-45-95 315

CAD Specification

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Durability years25
Availability<1 week
MaterialsVirgin fibre polypropylene without fillers


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