Service Life Tracking (AiMS)

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Clients of C-Probe are offered the service life tracking through their installed corrosion protection systems, such as impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP, Galvanic or Galvanic/Impressed system), to protect their structure from corrosion, prove performance or alert to control requirements.

This is made possible through corrosion rate monitoring accessed with open network electronics (Achilles Suite of Structural Healthcare Systems). C-Probe's inhouse corrosion and structural management networks include:

• AchillesEDC – early detection of corrosion
• AchillesIES – inhibitor evaluation system
• AchillesGCP – galvanic anode CP evaluation system
• AchillesICP – impressed current CP power, control and monitoring
• AchillesSID – structural impact detection

These then provide data remotely to the online performance management facility, AiMS (Achilles interactive Management Server). The purpose of AiMS is to be the eye within the structure for asset owners, helping to detect hidden corrosion problems that are commonly noticed when the damage is too significant, which then becomes it's ‘Achilles’ heel’.

AiMS can be used for single structure management or built-up to provide infrastructure or portfolio management of, for example, a local authority’s reinforced concrete bridge stock or a private client’s portfolio of building assets.

These open network systems can be added to expand functionality of the structure with compatible control and monitoring nodes for smart lighting, webcam security and so on; making the Internet of Things accessible and simple to incorporate whilst managing the integrity of the structure.

AiMS is a digital innovation as clients have online access to in-depth corrosion data and reporting on their asset, giving them full transparency into the performance of their building and helping to inform future maintenance decisions.

Normally data is measured daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the type of measurement being made and all this data is arranged in refreshed tables and graphs on a quarterly basis.

Benefits of AiMS:

• Instant and remote access to in-depth structural and corrosion data
• AiMS can provide due diligence information on corrosion prevention during the sale of a building.
• Protection of the building’s value
• Contributes to the circular economy, preservation, and reuse of structures.
• Encourage proactive maintenance decisions, preventing demolition and construction waste.
• In line with ESG policy – futureproofing assets and minimizing the need to environmentally harmful construction.


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C-Probe Systems

C-Probe Systems

C-Probe Systems produce smart, low carbon alkali activated cementitious materials for the repair, protection, and monitoring of structural corrosion in the built environment.

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