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Renolit Alkorplan provides a sleek, incredibly versatile and highly creative roofing system.

It is arguably mainland Europe’s most specified single ply waterproofing membrane at between 20 to 40% the weight of many traditional multilayer systems ...and developed for ease of installation.

• Cost-effective; one single 30m² roll replaces 6 bituminous rolls of a 2 layer system
• Very light; reduces added weight to the building structure
• Extremely versatile; suits all decks and surfaces including curved roofing systems
• Waterproof and permeable; allows existing roof to breathe once covered
• Aesthetically pleasing and creative with a multitude of shapes and geometric designs
• Exciting colour selection including metallics and corporate matching options
• Fire retardent; up to FAB* (BBA approval 96/3307/c), external fire BROOF(T4)* (ENV1187/4)
• Low maintenance; generally limited to bi-annual inspections
• Recycleable and backed by full product guarantee
• Long life; assessed by the BBA for a term in excess of 35 years

Can be creatively combined with sister products including:
ALKORSOLAR; profile system offering penetration-free installation of solar systems
ALKORBRIGHT; the most reflective white membrane available, increasing the efficiency of solar pv and solar thermal
ALKORGREEN; membrane for intensive and extensive green roofs.


Availability<1 week
MaterialsPVC single ply roofing
ColoursSeveral colours available
Other guarantees10-15-20-25 year warrantys are available
NBS clausesJ42


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BBA Agrément Certificate 10/4808 Product Sheet 1ISO 14001all products are CE markedNBS BIM recognised


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Renolit Group

Renolit Group

The Renolit Group is an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality plastic films and one of Europe’s largest producers of synthetic single ply waterproofing membranes for roofing. Renolit has been setting benchmarks for quality...
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