Smell Free Liquid Flooring: Wecryl SF

Westwood Liquid Technologies

Westwood now offers a new and innovative solution for indoor projects where time is the critical factor. By opting for the first rapid-curing, odourless liquid flooring that is part of the new Wecryl SF smell free generation, you can install a durable system in just a few hours - without any unpleasant odours.

Different system build-ups or versions are available to suit specific performance ratings. The pressure of time should not be a constraint if you want to let your imagination run wild. Experience a completely new level of creative freedom. Options that were only available for outdoor areas, such as balconies and terraces, are now feasible for interiors as well, again without unpleasant odours. With Wecryl SF and proper craftsmanship it takes just a few hours to give colour and shape to your individual preferences.

Wecryl SF is fully functional after just 5 hours. There is no need to close off the entire area- Wecryl SF can be applied one room at a time. This way the flooring can be installed efficiently and gradually to suit your particular requirements.


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Westwood Liquid Technologies

Westwood Liquid Technologies

Westwood products are designed and intended for use in areas such as roofing, parking, balconies, walkways and flooring. They are rapid curing, hard wearing, flexible, low odour and can also be installed in colder temperatures. Westwood was founded...
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