Solar Protection: Soltis® Textiles

Serge Ferrari

External Solar Protection

Installed externally, solar protection systems offer optimum performance in terms of thermal comfort.

The Soltis® 86, 92 and 93 textile ranges are designed to ensure ever greater protection from heat and sunlight for buildings and their occupants. They constitute a true heat shield, which contributes to preserving a constant internal ambient temperature and they render a building sensitive to temperature différences hour by hour throughout the day, whilst considerably enhancing its quality of life and internal atmosphere. Soltis® textiles therefore enable us to reduce energy and operating costs for the building, to which they are fitted.

They boast remarkable dimensional stability and unmatched resistance to the weather, UV radiation and tearing. The structural characteristics of Soltis® 86, 92 and 93 textiles explain their growing success with architects, engineers and building professionals for external applications. Thanks to their extensive colour range, Soltis® 86, 92 and 93 fabrics guarantee harmonious, aesthetic cladding and protection of building facades; in this way, solar protection systems become an architectural extension of the building.

The durability and weight characteristics of Soltis® textiles represent natural contributions to sustainable development strategies. Moreover, Soltis® fabrics are 100% recyclable through the Texyloop®.process. They are covered by a so-called "Fiche de Donnees Environnementales et Sanitaires" (FDES) [health and environmental safety datasheet] and are subjected to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), conducted and monitored by independent outside bodies; these quality indicators have clearly demonstrated their eco-efficiency.

Internal Solar Protection

Controlling light flux transmission level is a priority in relation to enhancing visual comfort and designing suitable environments.

With Soltis® 99 textiles, light flux control is accurate and efficient due to a systematically metal-coated side, which reduces dazzling whilst conserving the natural light supply.

Unfailingly ultra-strong and compatible with every system, Soltis® fabrics require no unsightly reinforcement. Thin and lightweight, they integrate easily into the most discreet stowage compartments.

In conjunction with type "C" (cf. EN 14501) double-glazing, Soltis® textiles achieve High thermal protection performance compared with other conventional fabrics.

The lowest internal solar factor obtained is only 35%. Soltis® 99 is also broken down into vertical bands embracing the fabric's full colour range. Serge Ferrari innovates and launches new internal solar protection textiles, which anticipate hygiene and safety-related requirements and regulations.


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