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Sonata Aurio Acoustic Absorption Panels

Sound Reduction Systems

SRS Sonata Aurio absorbers are a practical and cost effective way of controlling reverberation. Large, open spaces often suffer from poor room acoustics which manifests itself as reverberation and echo, creating unwelcome levels of noise, seriously affecting speech intelligibility, and making verbal communication difficult.

Sonata Aurio panels are particularly well suited to rooms and buildings which feature many hard surfaces, but softer materials such as furnishings are limited. This includes:

• School Halls
• Classrooms
• Canteens / Dining rooms
• Sports Halls / Gyms
• Village / Community Halls
• Church Halls
• Restaurants / Bars
• Scouts / Guides Huts
• Video / Audio Conferencing rooms
• Open plan offices

There is extensive research to show that unwanted noise can be detrimental to children’s’ learning, particularly where children have special educational needs and/or conditions on the autistic spectrum. In these settings, effective absorption is crucial to provide a high quality learning environment.

Sonata Aurio panels are an incredibly efficient way to introduce a high performance, absorptive material to any space. The panels comprise a technical, non-shedding, acoustic foam with an acoustically transparent fabric finish to the face and sides. All of the sound absorption panel products that SRS currently offer are mineral-fibre free and are Class A rated to BS EN ISO 11654:1997.

Easily and quickly installed, Sonata Aurio panels can be directly bonded to walls and ceilings and are so robust that they are perfect for gyms, sports halls or anywhere where ball strikes may occur. The
product is available in a wide range of colours and sizes to accommodate any existing wall or ceiling and can also be printed with photographs or images to create a striking ‘canvas’ effect.

Product benefits:

• Building regulations solution
• Class a rated absorber
• Wide range of colours / sizes
• Bespoke printed panels available
• Extremely robust and durable
• Quick, easy and clean to install
• Bonded solution – no drilling required
• Non-shedding foam panels – no mineral fibre


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Sound Reduction Systems

Sound Reduction Systems

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