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Modern boilers have very low water content, making them vulnerable to accumulated deposits (dirt) causing boiler failure. The main reason for appliance breakdown is this dirty water.

System cleansing and water treatment is now very vital and necessary to the welfare and prolonged existence of the boiler/chiller plant.

The Cleanvent range from Fabricated Products combines the removal of air and dirt through a single unit. When installed at the hottest point in the system, the Cleanvent will eliminate microbubbles from heating and chilled water systems as well as also being used to remove dirt particles from heating and chilled water systems.

When the Cleanvent system is installed, it will eliminate all dirt particles down to 5 microns.

Air and Dirt Separators SS Cleanvent SS CVAD
The SS Cleanvent combines the removal of Air, Dirt and Sludge. Installed on the flow pipe (heating) or return pipe (chilled water) in the system the SS Cleanvent (SS CVAD) will eliminate these microbubbles and all types of Dirt and Sludge from heating and chilled water systems down to 10 micron.

Features and Benefits

• Greatly reduced commissioning times after initial fill.
• Longer system life (through air and dirt elimination)
• Low-pressure drop
• Bi-directional flow
• Maximum Temperature. 110 °c. Higher temperature units available on request.
• Tested to 21 bar
• All stainless steel construction.
• Air collects in the air chamber before being automatically vented
• Floating dirt can be removed by opening the valve situated under the air vent.
• The same valve is used for releasing air when filling the system
• Large collector ensures that flushing is only required now and then
• Can be flushed while fully operational (no need to shut down)
• An internal stainless steel concentrator to aid removal of air and dirt.
• Smooth surfaces with Stainless Steel lead to lower friction
• Stainless will not degrade in service thanks to its excellent resistance to corrosion.
• Stainless Steel is extensively more resistant to oxidation by water and biocides than carbon steel. Therefore Stainless Steels are not contributing to oxidation, sludge's etc.;
• Thermal properties of stainless steel. They are far superior to iron or carbon steel.
• Maximum flow rate up to 3m/sec


MaterialsStainless Steel


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