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Protecting the environment from surface water run-off contaminated with hydrocarbons and particulates is a critical process within modern integrated surface water management. Stormwater surges that dislodge and carry high concentrations of pollutants from exposed areas such as car parks must be treated prior to its release. ACO’s range of hydrocarbon separators is an essential part of the SUDS treatment train, providing solutions for full or bypassed treatment of oil polluted surface water which cannot be release into the natural water courses.

ACO Q-Ceptor
ACO Q-Ceptor oil separators are an innovative range of bypass and full retention separators. These high performance systems are fully compliant with BS EN 858:2002 parts 1 & 2 and exceed the requirements of the Environment Agency’s PPG 3 guidelines.

ACO Q-Ceptors are available in a range of chamber sizes and flow rates ideal for use in car parks, maintenance areas, and industrial and residential applications. Manufactured from polyethylene, the innovative single chamber design of the ACO Q-Ceptor is extremely compact and robust offering significant advantages in installation and handling costs over traditional GRP products.

ACO Q-Ceptors are available in two performance classes as specified by BS EN 858-1:2002. Both Class 1 and Class 2 ACO Q-Ceptors are available as bypass or full retention separators.

Bypass separators
ACO Q-Ceptor bypass separators fully treat all flows generated by rainfall rates of up to 6.5mm/hr. Flows above this level deemed “high flows” are allowed to bypass the separator. These separators are used when it is considered an acceptable risk not to fully treat these high flows, typically in areas where there is a small risk of spillage such as short stay car parks.

Full retention separators
ACO Q-Ceptor full retention separators treat the full flow typically generated by a rainfall intensity of 65mm/hr. Full retention separators are used where there is a risk of regular contamination with oil and a foreseeable risk of significant spillages e.g. vehicle maintenance areas.

Key features and benefits
• Class 1 and 2, full retention and bypass separators available
• Compliant with the Environment Agency’s PPG3 guidelines
• Environment Agency verified manufacturer
• Independently certified range of sizes to BS EN 858-1 and BS EN 858-2
• Contractor friendly bypass connections for 160mm PVC-U, 225mm, 300mm and 375mm twinwall or clay pipe work
• Robust polyethylene construction for long service life and improved durability over GRP units
• Compact vertical design for ease of handling, installation and maintenance
• Maintenance friendly design, for simple operation and excellent accessibility
• In-chamber sampling capability removes the need for expensive separate sampling chambers
• Full range of quality oil, silt and high level alarm systems
• Light weight polyethylene extension shaft, easy to handle and install


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