Tektoseal Active – Active Geo-Composites

Tektoseal Active – Active Geo-Composites

New active Geo-Composites for long-term containment of contaminants

HUESKER's new Tektoseal Active product family marks a further milestone in the development of reliable and durable systems for binding contaminants from polluted soils and waters.

The relocation of contaminated soils is frequently unfeasible or undesirable for logistical or safety reasons. The prevention of contaminant migration to unpolluted areas requires solutions that are readily adaptable to specific site conditions.

HUESKER now offers three newly developed, customizable products – Tektoseal Active AS, AC and CP, for contaminated site remediation, groundwater protection and oil absorption.
Active Geo-Composites essentially comprise three permanently bonded layers. Sandwiched between the two outer woven or nonwoven geotextile layers is the key component: the active layer.

By varying the active substance the product can cater for a wide range of applications, depending on the required function or mechanism.

Tektoseal Active AS forms a strong barrier against petrochemical products. The active layer, featuring an oil-absorbing polymer, is enclosed between a polypropylene or polyester nonwoven top layer and a woven or nonwoven bottom layer, which allows customization of the geocomposite in line with project requirements.

Tektoseal Active AS is well-protected against external actions such as wind and water. Typical applications include docksides, airports, track beds, temporary gas stations, parking areas and accident sites.

Tektoseal Active AC has a carbon core, which serves as an efficient contaminant adsorption agent. Thanks to its large internal surface area, the fine porous structure of the active layer can bind a wide range of contaminants.

It can be used as a contaminant filter in soils (e.g. for contaminated site remediation or in landfills), as a leachate filter on infrastructure projects and for capping sludge lagoons or water body beds.

Tektoseal Active CP lends itself to use wherever the reliable removal of heavy metals from soil or water is required. The polypropylene Geo-Composite has a core containing natural calcium phosphate.

Benefits include: the product's rapid binding capacity, high long-term stability, pH neutralization and the function as a phosphorus source to promote the natural regeneration of polluted soils. Typical uses include the treatment of acid mine drainage or the remediation of lead-contaminated soil.

As Geo-Composites, all Tektoseal Active products share the same versatility in catering for a wide range of applications.

Project-specific requirements can be met through customization of the top and bottom layers, and through the type and quantity of the incorporated active substance. Additional strength can, for example, be provided through use of a geogrid.

Further benefits of Tektoseal Active products include straightforward installation thanks to roll-form delivery, on-site cutting to size and fitting, and the possibility of later removal and disposal.

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