Temporary protective partitions: Flexiscreen®, Hoardfast

Westgate Factory Dividers

Westgate Factory Dividers supplies and installs a range of temporary building screens and walls.

Flexiscreen® comprises tough, flexible, lightweight and fire-retardant material panels, which are hung from existing steelwork and tensioned using ratchets and straps incorporated in the design. Flexiscreen® is ideal for high buildings such as warehouses and factories. It is used as a barrier to contain heated or conditioned air, provide dust protection to allow building/civil works to be carried out without adverse effects to the building occupier, and as a weather barrier to create a temporary external wall designed to withstand high wind loadings plus prevent animal and bird ingress. Flexiscreen® is suitable for hygiene-critical areas as it is easily cleanable and installation is clean and fast, with minimal disruption. Compared to conventional methods, Flexiscreen® uses minimal floor space, gives an excellent seal, is made up of tough, durable, fire-rated materials, looks aesthetically pleasing and professional, and can be used internally or externally. It is made up of individual panels, so if a section should be irreparably damaged, only the panels affected need to be replaced. Flexiscreen® can be easily removed and relocated as requirements change or work proceeds.

Hoardfast is ideal for low-level segregation of building works to public in retail, food and clean areas, hospital, airport, pharmaceutical, office, warehouse and factory premises. Hoardfast is a quick-fit, temporary, self supporting, modular screen system which is simple, clean, fast and quiet to install. The high-impact PVC panels slot together and are held in line with channel sections at the top and bottom. Channels can be held in place without the need to drill the floor or leaving any trace of fixtures. Panels are light for handling, easy to clean, with a tough rigid construction. Hoardfast has a wide range of component options such as different size panels, several support mullions, lockable doors for secure and safe access, and privacy or standard vision panels.


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Westgate Factory Dividers

Westgate Factory Dividers

Westgate Factory Dividers consults, supplies and installs factory partitioning solutions. Working with contractors, manufacturers, warehousing and distribution their solutions are manufactured to order in the UK, which ensures a quick...
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