TEX GLASS®: Decorative laminated glass with beautiful fabric interlayers


TEX GLASS a laminated glass product with beautiful fabrics encapsulated inside. The range has been carefully chosen, selecting exclusive fabrics from the Nya Nordiska collection, which includes award winning fabric designs.

TEX GLASS is used to create a dramatic feature in interior applications such as partitions, screens, doors, and furniture. When combined with either a back-painted glass or mirrored glass, the overall effect is stunning and is an inspired solution for wall cladding, or other cladding applications.

There are many benefits of using TEX GLASS:
• A wide range of fabrics, offering beauty and sophistication.
• Using SGG DIAMANT® extra-clear glass as the base substrate allows the refinement of the fabrics to be preserved.
• Different fabrics, when used in partition or screen applications, allow different levels of light transmission and vision control.
• Stunning combinations can be created for cladding applications, using fabrics with back-painted or mirrored glass.
• The fabrics are encapsulated between panes of glass, ensuring they are protected and allowing easy cleaning of the surfaces.
• The encapsulated fabrics are protected from UV thanks to the interlayers used during lamination.

To allow the colours of the fabrics to shine through we recommend the use of SGG DIAMANT extra-clear low iron glass. For some applications, TEX GLASS can also be combined with back-painted glass or mirrored glass to create stunning effects.

Some products in the TEX GLASS range are suitable for humid environments depending on the product and/or glazing method – please contact Glassolutions for more information.

Handling and Installation
Since the fabrics and mesh are encapsulated inside the laminated glass, the glass can be handled and installed in the same way as standard laminated glass.

The laminated glass can be of the following standard configurations: 9.5mm, 11.5mm and 13.5mm. For thicker laminates, please contact us to review your requirements.

Standard minimum sizes are 300mm x 300mm. Maximum sizes vary according to a variety of factors, including fabric type and whether the direction of the fabric is of concern. Please review your requirements with us.


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