Tigers make tracks to heated rocks at Edinburgh Zoo

Tigers make tracks to heated rocks at Edinburgh Zoo

Endangered tigers are being treated to a warmer den at Edinburgh Zoo with the help of Heat Mat 200W heating mats.

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) Edinburgh Zoo invested in a new enclosure for an adult breeding pair of Sumatran tigers. The state of the art enclosure named ‘Tiger Tracks’ is triple the size of their old home, with heated areas to mimic the warmth of their native Indonesia.

The enclosure required the best possible finish for these precious animals, which led the zoo to install Heat Mat’s high-quality underfloor heating (UFH) in the den. The £0.5m Tiger Tracks enclosure features a spectacular ground level viewing tunnel for visitors, covered pathways, feeding post and cubbing den. The immersive facility also boasts climbing structures, ponds to splash in, a new indoor house and heated rocks to relax on.

The zoo approached Heat Mat to develop a heating solution for three dens that range in size from 1.87m2 - 7.84m2. High output 200W heating mats have been fitted on top of concrete plinths, beneath bonded sand and soil inside three of the tiger’s dens and another in the cubbing box, providing a comfortable environment for them to relax in. The zoo’s staff can easily control the UFH using Heat Mat’s intelligent NGTouch thermostats.

200W heating mats were the ideal choice to keep the Sumatran tigers warm and mimic their natural habitat. Heated rocks encourage them outside regardless of the weather and UFH keeps their dens cosy year round.

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