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ThermoWood® is produced using a chemical-free natural process. By heat treating only the finest Scandinavian Redwood to enhance the chemical and physical properties of the timber, ThermoWood® offers an exceptional cladding material with outstanding durability, stability and insulation characteristics.

Silva’s commitment to supplying consistent and high quality timber products is reflected in our latest cladding material - ThermoWood®. Our extensive supply network has led us to source the finest ThermoWood® available, from one of the world's leading producers of this innovative timber product.

Along with enhanced physical properties, the treatment also results in an attractive, consistent, deep brown tone for a beautiful appearance. Due to it's stability, Thermowood also takes and retains finish well, allowing for translucent or solid colour stains to be applied to create unique and striking buildings.

Suitable for commercial and residential buildings, ThermoWood® meets the requirements of Durability Class 2 (BS EN 350), carries European Standard CE Mark certification and is recognised by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) which endorses a 30 year service life when used for cladding.

Thanks to an improved durability against decay, ThermoWood® is well suited to projects facing harsh weather conditions. The attractive appearance and exceptional dimensional stability also makes the timber an ideal choice for internal cladding.

ThermoWood® Cladding Properties

• Improved durability against decay
• Resin removed
• Reduced splitting strength
• Slightly reduced bending strength
• Improved dimensional stability
• Consistent colour throughout the timber
• Chemical-free, entirely natural manufacturing process
• Reduced equilibrium moisture content

Recommended end use applications

• Exterior/Interior cladding
• Outer doors
• Shutters/ louvres
• Environmental constructions
• Sauna and bathroom furnishing
• Flooring
• Garden furniture
• Logging Selection Process

Only the finest raw materials are used which best suit Thermowood production in terms of type and quality. The timber species chosen are exclusively Redwood, that have fewer knot characteristics. The knots which do exist in the timber are sound and tight due to their structure, for a superb performing exterior cladding material.

In Nordic forest logging processes, trees are cut into three sections; Butt Log, Middle Log and Top Log. Silva's ThermoWood is produced from the top or middle log for a high quality, consistent product, with only the centre of the log used to ensure live-intergrown knots.

ThermoWood® Manufacturing Process

Thermal modification of timber is a clean, ecological process, which enhances the properties of the wood. The process is completely natural and chemical free, using only high temperatures and steam to transform and control the timber's characteristics.


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Silva Timber

Silva Timber

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