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Kuterlite - Yorkshire - Endex

The Kuterlite range of compression fittings comprises are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications across the domestic and commercial sectors.

Ease of Use
Kuterlite is a quick, easy to use heat free system, and excellent for repairs, and in applications where ongoing maintenance is envisaged.

K600 & K900-PRO fittings are compatible with copper tube, carbon and stainless steel tubes and PEX pipe (up to 28mm).

Breadth of Range
The mechanical nature of Kuterlite's joints is well proven technology that is extremely robust and resilient.

Typical Applications:
- Domestic
- Commercial

Exceptional in every sense, and with a reputation second to none, the extremely versatile Yorkshire range can be applied to virtually every situation from light domestic to commercial.

Integral Solder
with just the right amount of high quality lead free solder simply add heat for a perfect joint time after time.

Copper Advantages
Yorkshire offers all the advantages of traditional copper systems including coppers anti microbial qualities, resistance to corrosion and wear and tear.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Yorkshire fittings are compact and easy to lag, and attractive when visible.

Typical Applications:
- Universal across domestic and light commercial from gas through heating to potable water.

Endex is a very cost effective system, with fittings available up to the largest super size requirement (159mm) within the Endbrazed range.

Specialist Environments
Endex is perfect for specialist environments such as hospitals.

Compact Neat Joints
In the hands of a skilled installer Endex fitting can give very neat and tidy installations.

Endex is endlessly versatile, covering all aspects of gas and heating systems in domestic and light commercial applications.

Typical Applications:
- Universal across domestic and light commercial from gas through heating to potable water, and including super sizes for commercial installations.


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