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In 1991, Triflow introduced the world’s first threeway tap able to deliver not only hot and cold water, but also filtered water through a dedicated waterway within the same spout thus avoiding cross-contamination.

Our patented point of use water treatment system provides the solution to the increasing concern over drinking water quality. The ceramic filter cartridges incorporated in the Triflow System are exclusively developed and manufactured in Switzerland and are the highest performing filters available on the market today. With a pore size so small, it is able to remove particles down to 0.2 microns (0.0002 mm), and will significantly reduce harmful chemical and biological contaminants, while leaving untouched beneficial minerals such as fluoride, magnesium and calcium.

The following contaminants are significantly reduced with the Triflow Filtration System:

  • Chlorine
  • Organic Toxins, Herbicides, Pesticides and Solvents
  • Harmful bacteria like E. coli and Cryptosporidium
  • Heavy metals including Lead and Mercury
  • Iodine and Iodine-131

The Triflow System is probably one of the best solutions to improve the quality of your drinking water, and has a place in every modern home and office.

The Triflow System will enable the consumer to lower their carbon footprint by eliminating the need to purchase bottled water which by comparison is much more expensive.

At approximately 3p per litre, the Triflow System not only offers a more economical solution but the practicality of water on demand. For an average family, the initial investment is returned in less than one year of use.

The Triflow System enhances the taste of tea, coffee and other drinks prepared with water.

Convenient and easy to install, the Triflow System promotes your health and the well-being of our planet.


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Triflow Concepts

Triflow Concepts

The Triflow Quadro is the first tap to deliver not only hot, cold and filtered water, but also filtered water heated to 98°C. The appliance comes in a range of mechanical and electronic models, including award-winning designs by renowned architect...
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