Tripod Turnstiles and Swing Gates


Tripod Turnstiles
Safetell’s Tripod Turnstiles are designed to assist pedestrian entrance control at both guarded and unmanned entrances.

Typical applications include points of ticket control and fees, sport facilities and time attendance control points in working places.

• Easy setup – a control panel equipped with a display and a multi-function selector allows easy setup of functions and operating modes
• LED pictograms – show active/inactive traffic directions in passage, the red colour shows inactive/blocked traffic and the green colour shows active/unblocked traffic
• Work modes – the device has a number of operating modes e.g. bi-directional traffic control
• Precise measurement system – equipped with an electronic rotor position detection system that allows the control unit to precisely control the locking system as well as smooth motion of the arms (available in the model with an electro-mechanical arm movement booster)
• Arm motion booster – the device is equipped with a mechanical arm rotation booster
• Arm drop function (optional) – automatic arm-drop system in case of a power failure

Swing Gates
Glass Swing Gates are designed for assisting pedestrian access control at guarded passage ways, inside buildings and outside (under canopy).

Devices are intended for cooperation with electronic systems of pedestrian traffic and personal access control as supplementary devices to turnstiles, for passage ways where strict access control is not required and wide passage way is a key factor.

• Easy installation – the construction of the device enables mounting it to the foundation without dismantling any part of the device
• Bidirectional movement – enables work in various modes, e.g. control of passenger traffic for both directions or control of passenger traffic for any chosen direction of movement
• Verifying the arm’s position – equipped with measurement system to verify the position of the arm
• Arms blocking system – equipped with arms blocking system having overload function. In case of applying extensive force to the arm this function releases the arms blocking system
• Motorised arm – the mechanism is equipped with a motor, moving the arm and clutch, preventing the mechanism from damages


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