Triton delivers fast track elastomeric waterproofing

Triton delivers fast track elastomeric waterproofing

Triton’s high-performance elastomeric, liquid applied TWS-Fastcoat, has provided a rapid drying waterproofing solution for the floor slabs of the subterranean light wells in a new housing development.

The floor slabs also incorporated Triton TT Admix watertight concrete admixture, to help create a grade 3, dry and habitable living space in line with BS8102 yet still remained permeable to moisture vapour. To handle the challenge, two coats of Triton TWS-Fastcoat were used to externally waterproof the exposed concrete and to seal-in residual moisture. Application conditions were challenging but TWS-Fastcoat can be used when substrate temperatures are a slow as 0oC.

TWS-Fastcoat is a simple to use, single pack, moisture curing, elastomeric polyurethane resin. The membrane cures in a continuous and elastic form, as a totally bonded layer. It guarantees total water tightness and withstands minor building movements and vibrations.

Other typical applications include podium decks, low pitch and flat roof areas with pedestrian traffic, wet rooms, lightly trafficked flooring, water channels and ponds. In green roof applications, the addition of Triton’s geotextile fleece between the two coats of TWS-Fastcoat provides an effective root barrier and waterproofing layer.

On this development, as part of the preparation for the application of TWS-Fastcoat, Triton’s Fillet Seal was applied in 25mm beads to all internal angles to eliminate sharp wall to floor transitions and to minimise the risk of leaving gaps or holes unsealed.

The slabs will receive raised access floors over the TWS-Fastcoat layer, allowing any potential water/rain ingress to enter the drainage systems of the individual dwellings beneath the raised floor.

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