TRL Crash Laboratories, Berkshire

TRL Crash Laboratories, Berkshire

Type of works: successful crash test of Terra Gate, the first gate in the world to be impacted in a half-open position, stopping 7,500kg travelling at 80kph, and continuing to operate after impact.

Terra Gate is the first crash-rated half-opened gate to surpass the highest industry standards. The results prove that the gate does not need to be in the fully closed position to withstand an impact.

Frontier Pitts has pioneered several perimeter security innovations. Following months of in-house design and computer simulations, the new Terra Gate was successfully tested by TRL Crash Laboratories in December 2005, to certify further what is believed to be the strongest sliding gate in the world. 

The test was conducted to prove the arresting capability of Frontier Pitts Terra Gate in the half-opened position when impacted with a 7,500kg test vehicle at a speed of 80kph. The same Terra Gate which was successfully tested in the fully closed position remained fully functional and did not require any repair to be tested again in the half-opened position.

K12 testing denotes that the vehicle must be travelling at a minimum of 80kph on impact, which equates to over three times the amount of stopping energy created by the K4 standard testing. L3 means that the test vehicle's penetration must be less than 1m.

On impact the Terra Gate brought the vehicle to a complete halt with zero penetration onto site or past the impacted face of the unit. The Terra Gate is currently the only gate in the world to be impacted in both the fully-closed and the half opened positions without the need for repair.

After the impact the Terra Gate was fully functional, and the operating mechanism continued to open and close the gate leaf. As yet, no other company in the world offers a product which can surpass Department of State Certification and PAS 68-69 standards, in both fully closed and half-opened positions, and continue to operate immediately after the impact.

The Frontier Pitts crash-rated Terra Gate is available in widths of up to 4,000mm and heights up to 3,000mm, with a foundation depth of only 280mm required. A bi-parting pair of Terra Gates can secure an aperture of up to 8,000mm wide.

The Terra Gate was tested in the fully closed position by TRL Crash Laboratories in November 2005.

Frontier Pitts is ISO 9001 accredited.

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