U1 Urinal Pack Basic


The U1 urinal pack is ideal for small- and large-scale washroom projects. Featuring their contemporary ‘Edge’ automatic urinal with control trap sensor and overflow prevention.

When budget and durability are key, the IPEE U1 urinal pack is the ideal specification option. Combining a durable ceramic unit with their unique IPEE flushing sensor technology to create a high quality and affordable urinal solution, this product is perfect for large scale projects including schools or public washrooms.

Adjustable flushing can be set using the Smart Key for maximum efficiency and a ‘Stadium Mode’ automatic flushing programme is available for user comfort and cleanliness in high use periods.

Market leading features of the U1 Urinal Pack include:
• Accurate use recognition by detection of urine and water level in the trap
• Automatic flushing after use
• No false flushing by detection of the use instead of the user
• Sensor on the outside of the trap
• Vandal proof flushing system, invisible to the user
• Contactless sensing for maintenance free use recognition
• Water seal monitoring and automatic water seal restoration
• Automatic flushing stop in the case of a clogged drain or drainpipes
• Three flushing programs: eco, normal, full (0,8L; 1,5L; 3L)
• Hygiene flush if not flushed for 24 hours
• Automatic calibration


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Founded on the innovation and provision of high-quality toilet flush solutions Fluidmaster was established in 1957 by inventor and entrepreneur Adolf Schoepe....
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