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Schlüter®-DITRA-HEAT-E is the award winning electric underfloor heating system from Schlüter-Systems. This solution considerably reduces the number of layers needed to achieve a functional heated floor assembly and can also be used on walls.

Uncoupling and underfloor heating in one system
The matting of DITRA-HEAT-E is based on the market leading uncoupling mat Schlüter®-DITRA 25 and offers waterproofing, drainage, vapour pressure equalisation, crack-bridging and load-bearing properties. This is combined with an innovative heating cable, to create an integrated underfloor heating solution that both protects and warms floor coverings of tile and natural stone.

Option for integrated impact sound reduction
The system is also available with DITRA-HEAT-DUO matting, which boasts the additional features of an integrated thermal break and impact sound reduction of up to 13dB.

Time saving benefits
DITRA-HEAT-E offers optimum freedom for creating concentrated heating zones and cuts installation time by an incredible 70%.
The time saving features that contribute to this include:
• Easy press to lay cable – no tape or glue
• Loose heating cable – greater flexibility of design
• Evenly spaced studding – no measurement or marking
• Can be tiled onto immediately – no waiting time for installation of coverings

Hydronic (or ‘wet’) underfloor heating systems, such as Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-THERM, pump water via a property’s established boiler or other heat source, while a dedicated thermostat controls the floor temperature. These water-fed systems have been found to use up to two-thirds of the energy used by electrical systems making them cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. BEKOTEC-THERM is also suited to new-build or renovation projects due to low assembly heights starting from just 31mm plus covering.

Rapid responding and energy efficient
The heating pipes of BEKOTEC-THERM are laid close to the surface, enabling a more rapid response to heating cycles. The system can be up to 30 per cent more energy-efficient than radiators due to utilising water at a lower temperature. Heat generated by the system is given off by a larger area and is more evenly distributed within the floor of a room.

A versatile underfloor heating choice
BEKOTEC-THERM is easily integrated into an existing heating system, to provide underfloor heating for some rooms and radiators for others, and can also be used for gentle passive cooling. In addition, it is compatible with regenerative energy sources such as heat pumps and solar.

In addition to tile and stone, a number of other floor coverings can be used with BEKOTEC-THERM, including timber, carpet and vinyl.


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