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Heat Mat has a number of expert underfloor heating systems including 100W, 160W and 200W heating mats and 3mm undertile heating cables. Their range of high-quality electric underfloor heating also includes a unique earthed underlaminate system and a 6mm in-screed cable ideally suited to new developments.

Heat Mat’s premium, professional systems can be used under a huge range of floor coverings including stone, tile, carpet and vinyl. The 130W underlmainate system is specifically designed for floating laminate and engineered wooden boards.

Heat Mat’s high-quality electric underfloor heating systems are manufactured in the UK, Germany and Denmark. All systems are covered by independent approvals verifying safety and reinforcing reliability, and supplied with lifetime warranties.

The expert project team can assist with specification and recommend the best solution for your development.

Heating Mats

Underfloor heating mats – 110W/160W/200W:
A high-quality fast-to-fit heating mat designed to provide energy efficient floor warming in all rooms or a full heating system in well-insulated areas. Heat Mat’s heating mat range can be used beneath virtually any type of floor covering if covered with a levelling compound, ensuring luxurious warm floors whatever the floor finish.

Heat Mat underfloor heating systems offer a versatile and fast reacting solution and the mats are just 4mm to minimise build-height. They are particularly suitable for large areas, where loose heating cables will take longer fit

All Heat Mat heating mats are 0.5m
• 110W mats in lengths from 1.1m – 11.5m and output 120W to 1250W
• 160W mats in lengths from 0.7m – 11.6m and output 120W to 1856W
• 200W mats in lengths from 0.6m – 9.9m and output 130W – 1973W

• Provide floor warming in all rooms, or sole source heating in well-insulated areas.
• Integrated earth shield (unlike carbon films), allowing safe installation in wet areas.
• When used with an intelligent thermostat, Heat Mat systems react faster, are more energy efficient and cost less to run than lower powered alternatives.
• Depth: 4mm (cable on mesh design with integrated fixing tape)
• 3mm high-powered heating cable on mesh
• Building regulations (E&W) Approved Document L compliant.
• Compliant with 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations, EN 60335-2-96, EN60800 M1.
• Made in Denmark in BEAB Approved Factory.

Combymat system

The 150W Combymat system is a versatile underfloor heating mat suitable for use under laminate and engineered board floors of 10-18mm thickness. The Combymat system can also be combined with overlay boards to allow installation under carpet, vinyl, linoleum and bonded board floors. This system can provide floor warming or sole-source heating in well insulated rooms. The aluminium heat dissipation layer creates an even heat spread and avoids any cold spots.

• Suitable for use with traditional tongue and groove/click system laminates or engineered boards
• The heating cable is pre-spaced for speedy installation and a consistent heat output across the floor
• No levelling compound or moisture barrier is required to save on build height and costs
• No wet trade required for installation
• Dual conductor – only one power lead per mat
• Integrated each shield following installation
• Supplied with 6mm insulation that provides excellent thermal properties and sound deadening
• The mat is 0.5m wide and available in lengths of 2m up to 30m (1m2 – 15m2)
• Supplied with a Lifetime Warranty
• Compliant with 17th Edition IEE Wiring regulations, EN60335

Heating Cables

Universal underfloor 3 mm heating cable
A flexible easy-to-fit 3 mm heating cable designed to provide energy efficient floor warming or a full heating system. This electric underfloor heating cable is suited to small or complicated areas where heating mats are difficult to install.

• When installed at 200 W/m² this system will provide full room heating, even in high heat loss areas e.g. conservatories.
• When installed at 160 W/m² this system is perfect for floor warming or room heating in standard rooms.
• Ideal for use under tile and stone.
• Low build-height.
• The heat output can be altered for individual requirements – outputs from 80–230 W/m² are possible.
• Quicker to install than some alternative systems.
• Compliant with 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations, EN 60335-2-96, EN60800 M1.
• Made in Denmark in BEAB Approved Factory.

In-screed 6 mm heating cable:
The 6 mm in-screed red heating cable is a robust and cost-effective cable designed for new build and major renovation projects, where a 65 mm screed will be laid. The indoor cable will provide energy efficient room heating and floor warming beneath nearly any floor covering. 6mm cables are fast to install and adds no build height to the construction.

• Ideal for new build or major renovation projects where a 65 mm screed is being laid.
• Fast to install and cost effective.
• This cable is only suitable for indoor use. Not UV resistant or suitable for use outdoors.
• 3-Phase systems and bespoke sizes of heating cable are available where required.
• Alter the distance between heating cables to alter the output.
• Dual conductor cable design with one connection lead.
• Supplied with a lifetime warranty.
• Building regulations (E&W) Approved Document L compliant.
• Compliant with 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations, EN 60335-2-96, EN60800 M1.
• Made in Denmark in BEAB Approved Factory.


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