Useful Information about Raised Access Flooring

Useful Information about Raised Access Flooring

Kingspan Access Floors provides information and advice about raised access flooring systems, and the requirements to install them.

A summary can be seen below, and for the complete, detailed information please visit Kingspan's Advice Centre.

Why is a raised access floor useful?
A raised access floor creates a space beneath the floor level so building services can be routed to their required destination.

The raised access floor allows easy access to services such as electrical power, data, fire detection and security, so they can be maintained.

What types of raised access floor are available?
There are two basic types of raised access flooring systems, and the benefits of each can be seen below:

Gravity or loose lay products. This is where the floor panels rest on the pedestal head. These systems allow very quick and easy access to the floor void and the panels accept factory bonded finishes such as vinyl or carpet.
Lock down or screw down products. This is where the floor panels are screwed or locked directly to the pedestal head. This system provides a very solid and rock free floor with quick and easy access to the floor void. However, these systems cannot accept factory bonded finishes

What finished floor heights (FFH) can be achieved?
If standard pedestals are used, finished floor heights from 70mm to 1200mm can be made.Using standard pedestals finished floor heights from 70mm to 1200mm can be created. Bespoke solutions for lower and higher options are also available.

What standards govern the use of raised access floors?
The Property Services Agency (PSA) initially created the PSA MOB PF2 PS/SPU specification. This comprehensive document covers both the products and their installation.

The National Building Specification, NBS K41 covers the design, supply and installation of raised flooring; it cross references to the PSA specification & BSEN 12825 with regard to product performance. This document is widely used throughout the UK.

In November 2001, the British Standard, BS EN 12825, was created. BSEN 12825 classifies raised flooring products by their structural performance.

What site requirements are needed for a raised floor?
For a raised access floor to be installed, the areas must be dry and watertight at a temperature above 5°C and a humidity below 75 % RH. This is required for both the installation works and also for material storage.

The sub floor also needs to be in the following condition:

• Free from wet or dry contamination.
• Able to accept pedestal adhesive and, if required, mechanical fixings.
• Any holes, joint lines etc. in higher level sub floors should be sealed to prevent floor sealer leaking.
• The sub floor should be structurally strong enough to support the raised access floor and the environment it supports.
• The sub floor is required to be structurally strong enough to allow the storage of raised floor materials prior to installation.
• The surface of the concrete sub floor should ideally be of a medium tamp finish.

What maintenance requirements are needed for a raised floor?
The Project Operating & Maintenance Manual will explain the exact maintenance requirements for any specific installation and will into account the products and floor finishes used as well as the anticipated loadings on the floor in terms of static loads, rolling loads and pedestrian traffic.

How long is the raised access floor expected to last?
The PSA MOB PF2 PS / SPU specification outlines the expected life span of a raised access floor system as the following:

• The supporting components should have a minimum life of 50 years.
• The floor panels (excluding floor finish) should have a minimum life of 25 years.

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