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With 140 years’ experience in the heating industry, Vaillant have developed several accessories to support their commercial boiler range to suit any plant room specification. With accessories designed to work harmoniously with their heating system and enable easy maintenance, these products ensure that Vaillant commercial systems work in the most efficient way possible.

Vaillant have a wide range of controls to support their product portfolio which ensures maximum efficiency. To find out more about the controls range, click here.

Cascade Rigs:
Vaillant’s expertise in commercial heating has led to the creation of precision-engineered cascade rigs.

Vaillant wall-hung boilers can be mounted directly onto the easily expandable, modular cascade rigs which can be configured to fit in most plant rooms to provide up to 960kW of power.

They can accommodate from one to eight boilers in various configurations either inline, back-to-back or around a corner, utilising any ecoTEC plus wall-hung commercial boilers. The rigs are easy to install, come complete with flow, return and gas manifolds, they are fully insulated and allow a quick completion of plant rooms thus minimising downtime.

For more information on Vaillant cascade rigs please refer to pages 36 – 47 in the Commercial Range Brochure.

To complement the wide range of Vaillant wall-hung boilers, their flues have been designed specifically for Vaillant products to fit perfectly and ensure full compliance with necessary regulations.

For single commercial boilers, Vaillant have both horizontal and vertical concentric flue options with white powder coated steel outer and polypropylene (PP) inner extensions available in 0.5, 1 and 2m lengths for indoor use. To complete the flue, both vertical and horizontal terminal kits are available. The “plume management” stainless steel façade kit is available to allow the flue terminal to be moved to a more suitable location where the plume discharge will not cause a nuisance.

For cascade systems, Vaillant provides various PP internal flue headers and extensions to suit back-to-back, inline or corner rigs, and external stainless steel cascade façade flues.

Alongside this, Vaillant has a variety of non-return valves (NRV) for ecoTEC plus boilers depending on output. Vaillant offers 80/80mm or 80/110mm mechanical NRVs for 48/64kW boilers and 110/110mm mechanical or motorised NRV for 80/100/120kW boilers.

For more information on Vaillant Flues, please refer to the Vaillant Commercial Range Brochure.

Plate heat exchangers:
Manufactured to the highest standard of quality, Vaillant plate heat exchangers are designed to separate system water from the boiler. The water in commercial systems is more often than not hard with particles and contaminants (dirt) that can have detrimental effects on the boiler. By fitting a plate heat exchanger, it will not only protect the boiler from system dirt but will maintain the efficiency and provide longevity throughout its life. It can also make maintenance easier.

Compatible with Vaillant’s ecoTEC plus and ecoCRAFT boilers, this accessory is suitable for various plant room designs including cascade and single installations.

Low-loss headers:
Vaillant’s low-loss headers are compatible with ecoTEC plus 48 and 64kW boilers and ensure the correct water flow is maintained through the boiler. Vaillant’s low-loss headers are suitable for new clean systems up to 70kW which aids in providing a constant water temperature to multiple downstream heating circuits.

uniSTOR 500 and 800 litre cylinders:
Vaillant large capacity cylinders are designed to pass the highest manufacturing standard with high grade stainless steel. Working together with commercial systems, these cylinders can easily be cascaded for higher hot water demands and have a global warming potential of less the 5 with ozone depletion of 0, making this cylinder an eco-friendly accessory to accompany your commercial system.


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