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At Vaillant they manufacture their own controls and thermostats specifically designed to operate their boilers and heat pumps in the most efficient way – helping meet Boiler Plus. You can choose from simple analogue heating timers to smartphone App based thermostat controls that allow homeowners to manage their heating wherever they are. Your customers can even connect to Amazon Echo and ask Alexa to turn up the heating and with ambiSENSE, you can offer room by room control with digital TRVs.

VRC 700 / VRC 700f
The wired VRC 700 and the wireless VRC 700f system controls allow you to take control of your Vaillant heating and hot water system. Designed to work harmoniously with all current Vaillant products, the VRC 700 and the VRC 700f effortlessly ensure your appliances are working to their peak performance, always maintaining optimum efficiency. The VRC 700/VRC 700f is a weather compensating, programmable room thermostat which, when installed with a VR 920 gateway, is capable of being app controlled. ambiSENSE works in harmony with the VRC 700 / VRC 700f package including the VR 920, ambiSENSE is an intelligent thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) which can be intelligently controlled via an app, allowing the end user complete control of their heating system, room by room.

vSMART™ intelligent room control with app
The Vaillant vSMART™ lets you control your heating and hot water anytime, anywhere from a single, easy to use app. Compatible with the entire range of Vaillant ecoTEC boilers, vSMART™ supports modulating heating & enhanced functions such as self-learning or automatic heating curve adjustment. vSMART is suitable for single zone combi, system and open vent systems.

VRT 350 / VRT 350f
Our intelligent room compensating controls allow you to fine tune your heating system, giving you even more control. This control allowes you to turn your system on or off at different times of the day, and continually monitors and adapts to give you the desired room temperature.

timeSWITCH 160 and VRT 15
The timeSWITCH 160 can be used with all Vaillant ecoTEC boilers and mounts directly into the front of the boiler without the need for any wiring. This digital timer gives you control of your central heating and domestic hot water with a timed programming function. With the added option of up to three programme times per day, seven days a week, for added flexibility and comfort. The VRT 15 room thermostat works in harmony with the timeSWITCH 160 enabling the end user to control the temperature away from the boiler.

timeSWITCH 150 and VRT 50
This easy to use basic analogue timer allows the end user to adjust the heating programme in 24hour periods. The timeSWITCH 150 is compatible with all Vaillant ecoTEC combi boilers and plugs directly into the boiler without the need for any wiring. The VRT 50 digital room thermostat works in harmony with the timeSWITCH 150 which enables the end user to alter the temperature relative to their comfort.


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Vaillant Group

Vaillant Group

140 years of innovation

The Vaillant Group are a global leader in the development of high-efficiency heating and hot water products.

Founded in Germany over 140 years ago, the Vaillant Group supplies innovative solutions to more...
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