Vaillant flexoTHERM 5-19kW Heat Pump

Vaillant Group

Multi-source heat pumps for ground water and air source applications

Ground source
flexoTHERM can be connected to either a ground collector or borehole system to provide efficient generation of heating and hot water. This option is suitable for applications where adequate space is available to incorporate a ground collector - or a borehole in situations where space may be restricted. In addition, flexoTHERM can be connected to a passive cooling module to assist with climate control in modern homes that are air tight.

Air source
The aroCOLLECT air source brine collector module acts as an alternative to a ground loop and is compatible with 400V flexoTHERM models. aroCOLLECT is a three-phase air collector that uses the ambient air temperature to warm the brine fluid just like a ground loop system. The result is a high-efficiency air-to-water heat exchanger that ensures there is no heat loss between the outside and indoors. It features fully modulating ventilators with minimal sound production, which means the system runs very quietly, operating with a very low noise level of 39.8dB(A) (400V, 5kW).

aroCOLLECT features a twin unit connection using balanced Tichelmann piping, reverse return system and is ideal for outdoor use in agricultural, commercial and residential projects. flexoTHERM and aroCOLLECT are MCS accredited, so may qualify for the RHI scheme.

Water source
The fluoCOLLECT water-to-water stainless steel heat exchanger connects to a flexoTHERM heat pump to offer an alternative to ground source.Water source heat pump systems are ideal for end users that have a suitable water source onsite, such as a lake, river or stream. Using a fluoCOLLECT alongside a flexoTHERM enables end users to take advantage of consistent water temperatures, to produce consistent hot water and heating, even in the coldest of temperatures.

With the water source system pipework being submerged, it is also a viable option for projects that are especially aesthetically sensitive and require minimal visual impact, during installation and once completed. flexoTHERM and fluoCOLLECT are MCS accredited, so may qualify for the RHI scheme.


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