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Vibrogard is not a ceramic tile, an installation technique nor a unique resin jointing medium; it is a total system - relying on the sum of its component parts and installation method to provide unrivalled performance characteristic.

Vibrogard uses fully vitrified ceramic floor tiles with their legendary hexagonal format which have a 35 year record of proven reliability. The introduction of the HD module with or without cavity joint profile provides the system with its most dramatic performance improvement since the system was introduced.

Vibrogard is available in smooth or anti-slip profiles. As an economical alternative to the range of top quality hexagonal ware, John Lord offer a limited number of carefully selected rectangular tiles. This selected range provides a worthwhile cost saving whilst maintaining system performance in all major categories.

Key Benefits of Vibrogard:

• Excellent strength & density
• High tolerance, smooth finish
• Completely sealed surface
• Chemical resistant

Suitable Applications for Vibrogard:

• Food processing
• Breweries
• Chemical processing
• Heavy manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical
• Processing


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