Vieo: Metal Roofing


Vieo is a long-strip metal roof with a flat pan and a traditional look that works very well on all kinds of buildings including residential, commercial and public buildings. It can offer significant cost savings versus traditional materials like zinc and lead and is a manufactured sheet product, which is faster and less onerous to install correctly than those materials mentioned above.

Vieo can be fixed to a timber or a metal deck substrate and as a system Vieo can be supplied as a cold or warm roof, which includes all required components apart from the timber deck. Vieo can also be installed on the walls of a building, which has proved very popular. It has even been used in continuous sheet lengths to provide both the roof and the wall(s) of buildings as one uninterrupted feature.

Vieo is available in steel, aluminium and can even be manufactured from zinc; whatever the material choice the very latest rollforming machines are employed to manufacture Vieo sheets.


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