Visualisations: CGI's, Augmented/Virtual Reality

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CGI's (Computer Generated Images)
Your 2D CAD drawings or sketches are transformed into accurate photo-realistic visualisations. These CGI's enable people to see what you envisage and make your presentation or marketing really shine. Hobs Studio can create the location from scratch or use existing photography and overlay it with your proposal. Hobs can also add texture and light to your designs, and by accurately aligning the site with North they can illustrate accurate solar phasing.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality places computer-generated rendered images, animations, text and even sound onto real-world images in real time. For example, a custom Augmented Reality application can also be used to illustrate the positioning of plumbing and ventilation systems behind walls and plumbing. It is ideal for visualising buildings, property modifications, displaying extensive information, i.e construction information and environmental impact.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality creates an artificial environment which immerses the user. Rather than looking at a scale model, imagine wowing your client by walking them through your proposed project in Virtual Reality.

From your projects design files, Hobs Studio create a 3D, computer generated environment. Using an ipad, 'glasses' or an immersive tent to display the 3D images, the user becomes part of this virtual environment and can explore their surroundings. This is an incredible way for you and your clients to view your latest project or proposal, just as if they were inside a scale model. Adding on other controls like a data-glove or control-wand allows you to perform actions whilst inside the virtual world.


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Hobs Studio

Hobs Studio

Hobs Studio specialise in the provision and creation of innovative high quality 3D solutions for architectural, engineering, construction, and product designers. Their technical specialists and extensive expertise has created a reputation for...
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