VMF is a Variable MulTri Fluid total HVAC concept for simultaneous heating, cooling and 100% fresh air, with built-in EMS (Energy Management system).

Variable refrigerant, variable water and variable fresh air, all using 2 pipes and working together as one!

Single piece monobloc external unit (with the size of a classic AHU), in combination with IHU (internal hydraulic unit) transfer the energy of the refrigerant into water and fresh air, making the rooms 100% eco conditioned.

1. World`s 1st total HVAC
2. All in 1 concept
3. Tambient range from -30 to +50
4. Installed power input – from 25% to 50% less compared то VRF+AHU (*excl. back-up el. heater)
5. Refrigerant free rooms
6. Noise level - 4-6 dB less compared to top VRF`s
7. Less footprint for installation vs. VRF+AHU
8. Outside and inside positioning
9. 2 pipe refrigerant, water, and air system
10. Simultaneous heating and cooling in different rooms
11. NO CO2 control in the rooms! *Always work at max. fresh air quantity
12. Centralised/automatic room control
13. Dedicated monitoring/energy system
14. Emergency mode (if the water system does not operate)
15. Smoother regulation down to 7-10% x max. capacity
16. A+++ Energy Class
17. EER/COP from 20% to 25% higher compared to all top VRF’s
18. ”Floating” setpoint, acc. to Troom and Tambient additional E savings and even higher SCOP/SEER
19. Accumulation capability of water up to 20-35 % additional energy savings and even higher SCOP/SEER

Service and Maintenance - Less than any existing system


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