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AquaTech Pressmain

AquaTech Pressmain manufactures a range of cold-water pressure booster sets for increasing the pressure in potable and grey-water systems

The AquaTech Pressmain range of quality-assured cold-water pressure booster sets is designed to increase the pressure of cold-water services within a building; where, for example, the mains water pressure is insufficient to feed rooftop storage tanks, or where water is stored at low level and needs to be distributed to the upper floors of a building.

The company’s multiple-pump Micromatic HM units are arranged for operation as duty and standby.

The Aquamatic range includes the MC5, Monomatic MM Series, Aquamatic AMV FB basic series variable speed, Aquamtic AMV- FE Enhanced series variable speed and Aquamatic bespoke pumpsets with 2020 plus controller.

Aquavent Pipework Protection Valve
Designed to help assist with the draining down and refilling of pressure boosted water supply pipework by helping to prevent damaging pressure shocks from occurring.

Whether a system pipework is drained down intentionally for maintenance or unintentionally as a result of the pres-sure booster set stopping, either by power interruption or a low water condition there is the potential of pressure shocks when the pressure booster restarts.


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AquaTech Pressmain

AquaTech Pressmain

AquaTech Pressmain is a leading specialist manufacturer of packaged pumping equipment for building services and process industries. Products include: water-pressure boosted sets, firefighting pumps, heating and chilled system pressurisation units,...
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