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The Urimat splash-free waterless urinal helps to keep both its surroundings and the user clean. A Urimat urinal is cheaper to install and maintain than a water-flushed urinal and also offers an advertising display as a revenue earning medium.

Urimat has been tested and approved and differs from other urinals because it works without chemicals and without a sealing liquid. The urinals are very easy to clean as it is a single moulding and has no inaccessible corners, sharp edges or water pipes.

Urimat urinals are 100% recyclable and are manufactured in a carbon neutral process. The disposable trap siphon insert is made from polypropylene and can be cleaned or disposed of as a recyclable waste item.

Because Urimat works without water, sewage pipes no longer become blocked with hard water deposits, such as lime scale residue and urine stones. Being made from injection-moulded polycarbonate, the Urimat urinal is lightweight, strong and is easily mounted to any wall surface.

The eco is the original Urimat waterless urinal model and is made from a high-quality polycarbonate blend specially designed for Urimat, with a thickness of 5mm.
Damage Resistant - This injection moulded bowl is extremely robust and makes the urinal break-resistant and vandal-proof.
Extremely Lightweight – The urinal is very light at only 4.15Kg
Absolutely Hygienic – The ultra-smooth insulating action of the special synthetic material reduces the build-up of deposits on the surface. The pore-free surface and the addition of an antibacterial granulate prevent the development of bacteria and bad odours. This results in a permanently shiny surface with no discolouration.
User Friendly - The patented shape of the bowl guarantees that Urimat is 100% back-splash free, protecting clothing and the environment. This is achieved with an extremely strong negative curvature in the impact area and with the shape of the rim of the bowl extending far to the front. Therefore, the user stands closer to the urinal, but without hitting their head on the wall, increasing the target accuracy. This significantly reduces the maintenance cleaning and saves additional costs.

The ecoplus waterless urinal has the same specification as the eco but with the added advantage of an advertising display, the urinal can be used to earn money too!
Save Money & Earn Money – By placing your advertising message on the ecoplus display, no one can avoid looking at these commercials and the window is easily removed to change the advertising message poster.

The Urimat compactplus waterless urinal is a smaller and lighter version of the eco and ecoplus. It operates in the same way, but has the added advantage of weighing only 3.45Kg and is only 370mm wide. Therefore, it is ideal for installations where space is at a premium such as the modular and re-locatable building industry, and can be fitted to any wall material. The compactplus is well suited for installation in Primary and Junior School applications because of its smaller size. Save Money & Earn Money – By placing your advertising message on the compactplus display, no one can avoid looking at these commercials and the window is easily removed to change the advertising message poster.

As indicated by its name this is a vitreous china version of the Urimat waterless urinal and can be used where traditional china urinals are required. Therefore the water saving qualities of Urimat can still be applied in installations where china urinals are specified.

The ecoinfo is identical to the ecoplus except that the advertising display is illuminated and automatically lights up when the urinal is used. This is a very powerful advertising medium as it immediately attracts and holds your attention.

The new waterless urinal from Urimat with integrated media panel is unique and unbeatable in its advertising effectiveness! For years now, advertising messages have been targeted towards millions of users through this innovative media. In a continuously changing media environment it is now a consequence that Urimat has launched a new way of advertising. By utilization of state of the art video technology, moving pictures and information can now be displayed over the Urimat media platform. With its 7" LCD monitor with integrated storage (2GB), data such as videos, advertising commercials and other information can be displayed through USB memory sticks or a VGA port.


The NEW compactvideo is similar to the ecovideo but has more compact dimensions meaning that the advantages of the video display can be utilised in locations where space is minimal.




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Ecoprod Technique

Ecoprod Technique

Ecoprod offers a range of ecologically designed washroom products for sale and installation in the UK including Urimat waterless urinals, Jet Towel low-energy hand dryers, Conti+ touch-free sensor taps and Miscea touch-free combined tap/lotion...
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